Hello (post-cartesian) World!

Welcome to Black Maps! Together, we’re gonna embark on a pretty exciting journey- one that will wend through a musical, political, intellectual, personal, and of course cartographic landscape through the eyes of yours truly! Essentially, politics, comic books, and cool and cooky maps! Woot!!! By way of introduction, I should note a few things:

a) First Foremost and foremost, I need to very publicly recant my truly first essay into blogging. That is to say, I absolutely meant every word about being blog-o-phobic back in July 2006 in Brazil, but here we are in 2009, and well… here we are on my blog. Mostly because the blogosphere is a very different world than it was back then- one that has extended its manifold tentacles all that way to the likes of my skeptical mind! In other words, blogs are the shit! Which leads me to the next point

b) I’ll certainly be doing my own thing here, but part of the project of Black Maps is to link up to other scintillating, titillating and less recognized corners of the blogosphere. Meaning, I’ll be posting to blogs that rock my socks, and to those of friends and co-conspirators whom I think are the cats pajamas.

c) Another point of full disclosure: the engine the launchpad of Black Maps in this blog permutation (it was a zine back in 2001-2004), is a philadelphia-based vanquish-the-blues-outta-winter initiative called FUN-A-DAY, and as such, I owe a debt to the art clash collective and will blog, in part, about OTHER fun-a-day projects. Thats just how I roll.

d) Finally, I should say a word or two about some of the crazy geeking out that I intend to broadcast out into the interwebs. At its very base, the idea of this blog has a twofold nature. On the one hand, its about literally mapping “blackness” that is black identity, demographics, imagineerings (as a colleague of mine recently, and I should add facetiously coined) etc and “blackness” as in the politics that are to the left of “red” so to speak, anti-authoritarian, radical, anarchistic, or even just rebellious or seditious (including for example queer politics and critique)- anything challenging to the status quo and the socio-eco-whatever train of doom hurling toward some sort of crashtest wall. Only this is not a test. Right, and on the otherhand, its about mapping blackness, as in bringing things that are obscured, forgotten, marginalized or unnoticed into our view. Thus we have Black Maps!

Those are the general contours of Black Maps, but on the ground, it will be a log of me geeking out on health & science, comics, cooperatives, records, books, cooking and movies, or kvetching about U.S. foreign invasions, national/tri-state politics, public transportation, media personalities, and a general lack of conversation about myriad oppressions and resistances unfolding right in front of our google video-chat cameras.

Okay. There you have it. First post. Triumph. Way to start out the double-oh-nine! Comments are welcome.

Happy New-News! Rock the 2009. you OWN that shit!

Esteban Sunshine Superboy


6 Responses to “Hello (post-cartesian) World!”

  1. Estebanitos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Black Maps the zine, so I am sure I will find just as much awesome-ness in the blog! Cheers to 2009 and to mapping the blackness left of red 🙂 x

  2. is there a way to get a copy of black maps the zine?

    and congrats on the new blog!

  3. Tadeo, encontramos de novo em mais uma terra ainda.

    PS: Thanks for cross-posting 31 Dreamers. I await your finest dreams…

  4. parabens Esteban! ta bem feito e adouro a oportunidade de “falar” com vc deste jeito. A peek into your brain – just great!

  5. Hey Stevie! Looks like we’re both starting blogs! Well, “link up” we will!

  6. […] of art, you may recall from my first blackmaps post that the midwife of this blog was an exciting artistic conspiracy called Fun-A-Day, where people […]

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