La Migra: Hello Mama Africa!

The anthropologist Eric Wolf once described anthropology as “the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences.” Go Team!!!

Ostensibly, anthropologies are fortified by this thing called the four field approach, the idea that scientists in each of the four “sub fields” are trained in each of the other ones to some extent, such that archaeologists, physical or biological anthropologists, linguistic anthropologists (yes there is such a thing), and socio-cultural anthropologists such as myself have to slog through “seemingly” irrelevant material that ultimately enriches our understanding of human beings as a totality and on the individual level, deep back in time and right up to the subjective, trans-local, hyper-texual reflective selves that we constitute and reconfigure in each interstitial moment of our everyday lives.


So here’s a pretty picture of how much simpler the discipline can be if you just reach far back enough in time.

map-of-human-migrations BTDubs, thats color coded in brackets of thousands of years methinks.

and what is time really?

The World is Infested with Our Self-Important Primate Species.
Go do something to justify that, eh?

Sunshine Superboy


One Response to “La Migra: Hello Mama Africa!”

  1. it doesn’t have the people on balsawood boats who thor heyrdahl copied on it. pacific islands lines! so necessary! maybe.

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