Owls and Tigers and Polarbears- Oh Brother!

“Oh Brother!”
How in Ozymandias’ name did I forget to share THIS?! I had it on my desktop for like 3 months, intending to someday post it. You guys, please appreesh how amazing this is or you’re not my friends anymore:
Pretty perfect, eh? Except that Chuck should SO be Nite Owl…

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the “tigers” in the title, I am referring to Bubastis, Adrian Veidt’s genetically engineered pet tiger (duh):

Anyways, speaking of amateur cartography, some geek cartographer pieced this together based on the views we get in the Watchmen of characters passing each other or walking in and out of buildings. A noble effort, but kinda inaccurate if you ask me. You can get a higher res version here.

Finally, a six-fingered man couldn’t count the number of friends I have with Watchmen tattoos, but this is one of my favorite series of panels that none of them (I think?) have permanently embedded in their skin cells.

…which brings us by to my favorite continent (you may as well learn now that I am obsessed with Antarctica).



oh, and the Polar Bears are… none really. The only polar bears in our universe live at just one pole of just one planet, and it turns out to be the bloody north one. Bohr-ring! On the positive side, the magnetic pols are bound to reverse again sometime in the next couple hundred thousand years, so as long as Al Gore saves the bears they’ll be living at the South Pole at that point! Yay!

I’m done being goofy for the day. Enjoy the snow, unless you’re some spoiled west coast snob who thinks that snow is a “place” rather than a weather event, and you like “go to it”as in ‘We’re driving up to the snow for the weekend’. Ah, how lovely! Fucking jerks.

The World and all of its Magnetic Fields are Yrs,
Sunshine Superboy


4 Responses to “Owls and Tigers and Polarbears- Oh Brother!”

  1. Check out this Watchmen marquee. The Squid is all in your head:



  2. I ❤ Watchmen…
    thinking of getting Watchmen related tattoo, how many have the Chapter XI cover tattoo that you know?
    *is also a Watchmen fangrrrl*

  3. Just to annoy you…I live in Sacramento, but I’ll be driving to the snow this weekend. Ah, Lake Tahoe. That’s where the snow is.

  4. Sunshine Superboy Says:

    Just an update regarding Antarctica, there are some awesome maps of the geek-out continent here: http://d-maps.com/pays.php?lib=antarktis_Lankarten&num_pay=292&lang=de

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