Mario Mashup

I dunno how many of you have used or recall Mario Paint, kinda like Nintendo’s Photoshop/Garageband 1.0 from like 1992 or some shit, but these videos are insane. Basically, a bunch of geeks re-composed pop songs, like Radiohead in Mario Paint and then posted them on youtube.

I thought it worth geeking out to sharing:

Paranoid Android:

Everything In Its Right Place:

A-Ha, Take On Me:


oh. which reminds me. I was in a bar in chicago last month and I totally promised to post these crazy thriller videos because I truly believe that, after being fed, the next most important thing for the world population is to all have seen this fucking crazy feat, (and then like revolution or something):

Thriller in a Filipino Prison:

And THAT in turn, reminds me of this.
Thriller (in a single camera shot) in a French Community College:

yo, eff prison. zombies can stick around as long a they dance and shit.

The World is Yrs,
Sunshine Superfüry


5 Responses to “Mario Mashup”

  1. Sooo good!

  2. I’m floored.

  3. I have Mario Paint for my SNES XD
    I sometimes use the animation bit to make pornos 😛

  4. […] obvi I’m smitten with the 70s MJ, but my favorite video, thriller aside, is from the a couple decades later. We’ll get to that. First I need to share this […]

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