HM-Oh Canaduh!

Speaking of Mapping wealth and the glorious promise of “universal” healthcare funds for HMOs that will someday be delivered by Saint Barack,

I don’t think its that the New English are like, sicker or something. Seems like Americans are just better at capitalism. Didn’t Michael Moore have some shit to say about that? I dunno, I tuned that uppity liberal self-important Michigander out sometime before the 2004 election (in the US).

But as I was saying, it would seem that Canadians are just healthier or something, which still may be the case, but I don’t think these maps prove or disprove that. How would myths of a fit Canadia be confused by the subject of this leaf from the Atlas of Canada:


Apologies again for the low definition. For what its worth, this time I don’t even have a high res map to know what the hell is going on. But interesting nonetheless, eh?

The World is Just Aboot Everybody’s, eh?
Soleil Super-garcon


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