The Sissyboy’s Guide to the Galaxy

I once took this film class on animation where the professor claimed that you can basically draw an enclosed blob around any two dots (eyes) and a “mouth” and the human brain will pretty much instantaneously recognize a face in it (go ‘head try it. Its also a great party trick!)

So now, I’m beginning to think that for map fetishists, such as myself, you can put, well not quite any, but a liberal range of random shapes (a torn tortilla, a nebulous nebula…) in front of our faces and we’ll tell you what recognizable mappage it evokes. Which was all an irrelevant preface to show off
the The North American Nebula:

You might be wondering how many clicks away from our Solar System (our solar system is called “the solar system”?! really, I think we’re overdue to rename it at this point), to this far off nebula. And honestly, I have no frakking idea. Oh, but hey, Patrick Stewart might…

BTDubbs, I was born dangerously close to St.Patrick’s Day and was disturbingly almost named “Patrick” (um, crazy immigrant parents… thought it might be “cute”?) but luckily came out twenty-one hours early enough to avoid living in this world as a black guy named “Patrick” with an insanely Irish surname. (My brother Brian was not quite as lucky, but also, in a Brian-ized America, he was never in quite as much danger).

Anyways, as I was saying, intergalactic expertise has never been as refined as the Beastie Boys or Patrick Stewart, so lets go have a look through our magical sci-fi cube and see what it reveals, shall we?

I was never quite a trekkie, but this “episode” makes me feel like maybe I just wasn’t exposed to the right stuff?

Now was that AWESOME or what?!
And are you bummed that BSG is ending for all eternity in like three days– or what? (I have little faith in a coherent 90 minute smooth landing of the chaos the writers have stirred up since January, but meh, we’ll see…)

I’m gonna go back to pretending to lead a productive life gay_uncle_mug(feh- birthdays, grad school, driving to North Carolina to be a good gay queer uncle), but I’ll keep up the spirit of this inane post with a little sum’in-sumpin for the sci-fi dykes. Right, cuz we’re all attracted to metallic breasts.

Another BTW, did you guys know that Venus is in retrograde?! Whichever side you fall on in the astronomy/ astrology divide, I’m just saying, somebodys gotta tell you these things.

Some days I wonder why God/Al Gore anyone invented the internet…

Catch ya on the flip,
Sunshine Superkilpatrickmahoganyfinneganface

wait, is that a North Sea Nebula behind her??!


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