New Jersey, always at the fore of great ideas!

Oh, here’s an absolutely fantastic idea:

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted Wednesday to allow the Oyster Creek nuclear reactor in South Jersey to operate for another 20 years, rejecting claims made by opponents about risk.


Right, because the most densely populated state in the US really needed to have an aging nuclear reactor- one that was on its path to decommission- be green lighted to continue limping along for another generation of potential super heroes, just one magical-ooze-leak away from their dreams of becoming super teens. Really, who are these clowns?

Oyster Creek, located in Lacey Township , New Jersey , generates clean, safe and reliable power for almost 600,000 homes and has been doing so safely for nearly 37 years. We recently asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to renew the plant’s operating license through 2029. To learn more about the license renewal process please

quick, duck and cover!

“we’ve been doing so safely for 37 years”?! Thats the best you can do? We haven’t managed to annihilate the population of coastal southern New Jersey yet, so why not try for another 37?! Who’s in charge over there, fucking the Garden State’s very own Sarah Palin?!

You can estimate your own proximity to the laboratory of very bad ideas by cross referencing this handy dandy extreme closeup:


Couldn’t we have done THIS instead? It looks like so much more FUN!

Good Day and Good Luck,
Sunshine Superboy


3 Responses to “New Jersey, always at the fore of great ideas!”

  1. Russell Says:

    I’m a pro-nuclear environmentalist: better to maybe, with effort, if you shut off all of the redundant safety controls, ruin a few square miles than continually dump CO2 from coal plants into the atmosphere. Yes, renew their license if they meet standards and build more! And no, it’s not because this plant is in New Jersey while I’m in California – re-open Rancho Seco in Sacramento, too!

  2. I’m on the fence about nuclear.

    So Russell – what do you do with the spent nuclear fuel rods and similar materials? And please don’t just say “bury them on the reservations or launch them into space.”

    • It’s still borderline science fiction, but my favorite solution is to dig deep sub-sediment tunnels beneath the ocean floor in subduction zones, like off the coast of California. The material is sequestered away from plant and animal life, is kept cool, and is eventually sucked back into the mantle for nice, natural reprocessing (in millions of years.) It also reduces the risk of people accidentally or purposely recovering the material, because there are few nations capable of deep ocean recovery, and those that can don’t care about spent material.

      Since it will be very difficult to convince other environmentalists that this plan could be done without harming ocean ecosystems, I suspect that Yucca Mountain is the most likely candidate for an actual “long-term” solution. It’s better than the current distributed system where the material is just sitting in tanks.

      The recent EPA guidelines allowing control of CO2 are going to be a boon for the nuclear industry, making coal plants more expensive to run, and thereby making nuclear (and other green power) more affordable by comparison. Perhaps we’ll be able to make reprocessing part of the cost of running a plant, and that will reduce waste material. It will also make it more attractive for the folks operating this NJ plant to tear it down and build a newer, safer design (pebble bed?).

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