Between Long Island and the Apocalypse…

Voilá! A magical land called Levittown, NY:

I grew up on Long Island. Its important for those of us who have such bizarre sub-urban origins to speak up with our perspectives. Even we, who were enmeshed in the advent of the post-modern city, in particular, those of us who have left it, have a sharp critique to offer, and perhaps a prescient experience of the coming post-modern apocalypse.

Okay, so its a goofy afternoon in New Orleans, and my hosts just shared a funny thing with me, and I would like to share it with you, but first I wanted to prep you with some po-mo/ pre-appok build up. Trust me, it’ll be more fun that way (and infinitely more so if you are suffering through some b.s. higher education). So I’m gonna ask you to go through a special initiation. Watch this, and then peep the blurb below:

Post-Modern Condition Upgraded To Pre-Apocalyptic:

The “postmodern” condition of alienated, disjointed late-20th-century humanity was officially upgraded to “pre-apocalyptic” Monday, when new findings from leading postmodernist theorist Richard Rorty were published in the new issue of Semiotexte. “I was flipping through the cable channels the other night, trying to get an abstract sense of the way emergent processes of change and transformation generated by contemporary high-tech society are challenging cultural assumptions regarding diverse aesthetic forms to create a novel state of history,” Rorty said, “when, all of a sudden, I realized that everything I was looking at was the biggest load of unimaginably horrific crap ever.” At this point in the socio-cultural discourse, Rorty said, the key question is no longer whether or not social fragmentation, cultural meta-juxtaposition and socioeconomic problematics require new modes of experience and interpretation, but rather, “When will the seven-headed dragon of the End Times descend upon us all in unholy fury?”

I’m sorry, the seven-headed dragon of the End Times? Oh “the Onion”, how I love thee… (lets get gay married in Iowa, yeah?)

The pre-apocalypse is yours,
Sunshine Super-Seven-Headed-Dragon-Füry!


4 Responses to “Between Long Island and the Apocalypse…”

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  2. Kimberly harvey Says:


    I am loving your posts.
    Though this might particularly relate. Here in Mineola, they don’t even recycle paper. Lets hope this isn’t a hoax:

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