same-sex, different status

Q: Wait, are you from portland Maine, or portland Oregon?
A: The gay one, not the hipster one

On Wednesday, May 6th, Maine became the most recent state to allow same-sex marriage and the second state, after Vermont, to do so through legislative means.

this is an update of a post from April 7th, 2009, featured below, only with a new, stellar, somewhat less hate-spangled map!

Last week Iowa, and now Vermont. I gotta share some maps of this tomfoolery snail-paced progress:

There will be a reason other than apples, maple syrup, and the leaves changing to visit Vermont this fall. Vermont legislators voted in equal marriage!

In an historic move, just moments ago this morning the Vermont House of Representatives voted 100-49 to override Gov. Jim Douglas’s veto, following this morning’s earlier vote of 23-5 by the Senate. Vermont is the first state to recognize marriage for same-sex couples through the legislative process. The law goes into effect Sept 1.

which leaves us where…

Laws Regarding Same-Sex Partnerships in the United States

=D ██ Purple: Same sex marriages
;^) ██ Green: Unions granting rights similar to marriage
:0) ██ Greyish-Indigo: Unions granting limited/enumerated rights
:/ ██ Light Blue: Foreign same-sex marriages recognized
:l ██ Essential Grey: No specific prohibition or recognition of same-sex marriage/ unions
=( ██ Yellow: Statute bans same-sex marriage
😡 ██ Orange: State Constitution bans same-sex marriage
X-0 ██ Red: State Constitution bans same-sex marriage and other kinds of same-sex unions

Woot! This is in no way a walkback of my Valumtimes Day post, but ya know… poco a poco

The World is Yrs,
Sunshine Superboy


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