For the love of God, let Texas have her way!

“I got a timebomb in my mind mom, She’s gonna go off, but I don’t know when”


A passport to see SouthBySouthwest?!

A new poll out Friday shows that, should Texas Gov. Rick Perry decide the time is right for his state to secede, he might not have much support. Seventy-five percent of Texans would like to stay in the union, according to Rasmussen. However, a sizable minority would be with him: 18% would vote to secede, and seven percent are not sure what they’d choose. And a full 31% of Texas voters believe that their state has the right to secede from the United States and form an independent country if it wants.

And who is to stop them?! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Austin, Amarillo, and Texarkana as much as the next kid (looooooves me some Austin!), but aside from Fox and Rush Limbaugh who would both suffer from significantly diminished political power, who the fuck wouldn’t say Good Riddance and click their heels in glee? I mean, we might want to track down this dastardly fucker before it comes to complex legal extraditions, but otherwise, I say we put the lone in lonestar, non? I’ve been whining about their glut of electoral votes and U.S. House Reps since before GWB ever muttered the words “I suh-ware Ahm from Texus, not Connecticut”.

Contrast the above image with this guy:

Now, I get that it would be a liberal, NPR-listener’s dream to raise the sails and let Texas have her way. Though we’d ultimately agree, I’m not coming from the same place as the Democrats. I’m just saying that state autonomy is a good move, in the first place, Texas has an ego too big to fit into a 50 State Union (without trouncing places like Delaware, North Dakota, and California? Nah big ego, Maine). More borders is a bit of a problem, but we’ll work that out over time. Shit, we don’t have social movements for nothing. Seriously, if Governator Rick Perry wants to put this on the ballot I’ll drop ev’r thing and knock on doors down there to Get Out the secession Vote.

Although, I can think of 97 old reasons why, even if she does have the right, I might miss Texas if she goes…

The State is Yours (you can keep it!),
Sunshine Superboy


8 Responses to “For the love of God, let Texas have her way!”

  1. I love the tiny blue dot of Omaha.

    Me, I’m all for states’ autonomy, so long as they don’t use it to keep their poor kids from getting good reproductive health care. Or, y’know, anything else I don’t like.

  2. Then again….

    Texas is experiencing the same trends as the rest of the country (bigots are passing on all the time, younger people are being exposed to more information and people, religion is less important as a social construct, etc). Give it a few years, and Texas will be the next Florida or Ohio. Give it a few more years (and more growth in South Texas) and Texas will be a fairly progressive place… if you are willing to wait a generation or so. And Texas on the correct side of issues in the US later is better than letting the idiots run it into the ground now.

    But the counter trend is that Texas is disproportionately a magnet for the regressive side of American politics. I mean, if you are a young bigot looking forward to breeding your quiver full of arrows for the army of god, but still want to do software development for a living, you pretty much have Texas to choose from. Just outside of Austin, you can find some of the most affluent, conservative, reactionary communities you would ever want to see.

    I mean, before the culture wars (or the Southern Strategy they are based on), Texas was a solidly progressive place… with the exception of the powerful racism present in the state, which was the lever used to flip Texas into a “Red state”. And while there are plenty of bigots of all kinds in Texas, the Kids Are All Right, and that progressive culture is still there. Just look underneath the big Glenn Beck billboard on the interstate, at that house with the solar water heater.

  3. “put the lone in lonestar” –> la la love it!

  4. I don’t think the blue dot is Omaha, that dot looks kinda far from Omaha. So what is it?

  5. Born N' Raised Texan Says:

    I was born and raised Texas. I agree with what Daniel says. It’s a “bigotted, ignorant, red state” on the surface, but that barely goes skin deep. I lived inbetween Houston and Galveston. There are biggots, and there are ignorant people, but that’s a small portion. We Texan’s are a proud people, and we are a loyal people. So often times you’ll see us supporting the more conservative viewpoints, but we go out and buy solar panels, eat healthy (except for houston, and when we don’t have our chili cook off’s!!), and live more progressive lives.
    I would personally love to see Texas become it’s own country. I would move back as soon as I got word that they might even possibly be separating. Don’t think it could ever happen though. We’re proud Texan’s, but proud American’s too!

  6. I agree with Born N’ Raised Texan.

    We are proud of our state, its history, it’s stubborn kick your butt attitude. As far as progressivism, no. The kids will grow up to be like their parents.

    How do I know this? I’m a teacher. Been at it for 30 years and have taught kids of kids I have taught.

    What will prevent the progressive disaster from destroying Texas is its stubborn, bull-head, obstinate “don’t tell me how to live my life,” stay out of my business attitude. We are WAY too independent to become serfs of the “state.”

    We enjoy the wild life of Austin, the fun and history of San Antonio, and yes, we still remember the Alamo.

    I live in a relatively affluent area, and I polled m students this year. 80% of my 6th graders own an know how to safely use firearms. Some shoot skeet, others hunt. I grew up much the same way.

    One other thing we see in the “masses” of students: they don’t get their concept of life from TV, Music and Movies. There’s too much to do in Texas!

    Music,Sports, Art…you name it, we have it.

    I don’t care if we leave the US or not. We’re going to do it our way either way.

    Hook em!

  7. LAbornTXraised Says:

    DoctorJ and Born N’ Raised Texan, I like the way you guys put it. No sugar coating, no excuses. We’re not denying our state has issues but I’ll be the first to tell you, our state is like no other state. I was born in LA but thank God my parents raised me in TX! 🙂 Although Gov. Perry stated it might be time to secede. I’ve looked into this up due to conflicting statements from teachers in grade school and professors in college…. So far Ive foung that no where in the agreement when we rejoined the union after the civil war does it state we can or cannot secede. (if Im mistaken please show me where, I’d like the info) Not to mention, theres no way in hell the Union would allow us to do so. We have one of the largest ports of foreign oil and gas. We also produce more oil and gas than any other state. Although the idea is tempting due to our production of oil and our geographically diverse state, i doubt it would ever happen.

    plus Mexico would probably attempt to take back her land and to be honest I’d much rather be apart of the Union than Mexico… (Especially with all of the drug wars and the murders in Juarez.) :0

  8. LAbornTXraised Says:

    ps. Gig ’em! 🙂

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