G8? The Top Global Languages

Just to be fair, I’ll balance out that last post with a fuller map of utter linguistic domination that threatens the humble musings of all the medium and itsy bitsy languages. God, I can’t avoid melodrama even when I try…


Once again this is obviously a deeply problematic visual representation that underscores deceptive ideas of “borders”, synecdochically claims one language as a stand-in for whole countries (really? Something that we want to understand as “India” is solidly represented by the tongue “Hindi”? No room for Urdu or English even?), and makes no gesture toward significant speech communities living beyond the native or majority language community countries (it won’t show a Portuguese dot near Goa for example).

Feh. We can do better. Or maybe I personally can’t, but thats why I make friends with all the Geography students at school.

Puttin’ da “G” in G-8,
Sunshine SuperG-dog-maple-ponyface
::wink, wink::


2 Responses to “G8? The Top Global Languages”

  1. selophane Says:

    I think its interesting that the creator of this map chose to delineate a language boundary between Quebec Province and the rest of Canada, where no other country has been broken into two distinct language areas.

  2. blackmaps Says:

    First of all: Spencer, I know right?!

    Second of all, I was just looking at this map again, and it occurred to me that among the six adults in my house, we cover all but two of the top 8 languages, either fluently or with decent proficiently (my partner’s arabic is, ahem, coming along…). What we’re missing? Chinese and Hindi! Beyond this we also speak some American Sign Language, German, and a little bit of um Galician and Norwegian. We’ve been struggling with what to name our community. Maybe “Tower of Babel” ??!

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