The Gift That Keeps on Giving Bachmann

What would political comedians do without you and your crazy?!

Oh, Michele…

No, not the badass one doing organic gardening at the White House and giving the Merry Ol’ Queen of England french kisses (one on each cheek, eh?). The crazy one. Michele with one “L”. While you were distracted by the shiny, not-so-bright object governor Sarah-Tina-Fey-Should-Pay-Me-Beaucoup-Royalties-Palin, this other totally bananas elected official has been cavalierly ferrying back and forth between scarily entertaining and just down right scary.

Her latest? A not-so-artful gesture to Democratic Presidential power coinciding with Swine Flu outbreaks. Cereally. Nevermind the fact that Republican Gerald Ford was in office during the outbreak that she cites, just check out the googly look in her eyes, and tell me you don’t get a Palin-RNC chill shimmying right down your spine:

The first two minutes is the best window of the cuckoo-bananas Minnesotan rep. OMMFG:

oh right. and then there was the time when she spoke at a gathering of conservatives on Capitol Hill, s-BACHMANN-STEELE-largewherein she called out to Michael Steele, the only African-American RNC chair in history, and ACTUALLY said to him…

As Steele concluded his remarks, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann — the event’s moderator — told Steele he was “da man.”

Michael Steele! You be da man! You be da man,” she said.

crazy and racist. and clueless. gotta love it.

If you’ve heard of Bachmann at all, you probably saw this from just before the elections. A witch-hunt in congress of all those darn (secret) anti-americans on capitol fucking hill?

One thing is amusing. Intermittently, Matthews tries to pin her down in her blanket screeds against liberals, and asks her to state specifically whether some Democrat is actually, literally anti-American. You can see her expression lock in place, her eyes stare blankly out, and you can imagine her tiny brain doing little shuddery spasms of confusion in the vast and roomy vault of her cranium…then , she glides right past the question and continues her imprecatory rant.

On the bright side, those of y’all Minnesotans who might be seeking asylum from the crazy are not too far from the Canadian border:

and here I was hoping they broke the mold after Palin. For the sake of Johnny Stewart et al, I am so very glad I was wrong…. Still, I hope they boot you so far from your DC office in the 2010 elections yr ass has “chuck taylor” imprinted in your pantsuit. Tootles : )

The World, and all of its natural substances like CO2, is Yours,
Sunshine Superboy


3 Responses to “The Gift That Keeps on Giving Bachmann”

  1. Mário Matos Says:

    Caríssimo, também eu ando fascinado com esta mulher! Nenhum script-writer poderia inventar personagem semelhante…

  2. Mário Matos Says:

    Já agora, parabéns pelos post acerca da nossa Língua.

  3. […] that simple. But with lame-duck Governor Palin, it never really was. It seems that she’s passed the baton of batshit insane on to Rep. Michele Bachmann, and drifted off to the irratic/ unpredicataby- sorry- “maverick-y”, side of herself. […]

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