Last Dayz of Skool

I’m one last class away from spending the next 21 glorious days behind a computer and writing final projects for everyone and their mom mother’s brother’s daughter (anthropology kinship joke… sorry…)

And then I came across this ridiculous waste of time pith of nostalgia, and had to share. Which led me to the question, are you more of a Saved by the Bell type, or a My So-Called Life type (90210 is out of the question… and unfortunately, very much on air again…)

Also, Asher Roth is a privileged male supremacist white dude with, astonishingly, a pathetically miniscule degree of talent. I hope you don’t like his music. But not like in a fascistic way… I mean, you can listen to whatever cuts your rugz.

Comic and “Saved By The Bell Lover” SeanieMic made the following video that uses Asher Roth’s song “I Love College” to reminisce about the show’s best moments.

If you don’t remember why Jessie was “so scared,” or where Zack went with his fake ID, or what “The Sprain” is, you probably won’t enjoy it. But if you do, don’t miss this trip back in time to the Max, where that chick Tori is waiting for you.

compare that to the Cranberries, which admittedly hit their apogee with “Zombie”, but those of us who went to highschool in the 90s can apreesh a little goofy melodrama and yodeling now and then… (as long as its confined to Claire Danes and Jared Leto in a hypothetical Pittsburgh suburb).

I SO never thought I would be a student 10 years after graduating highschool.
feh. at least I haven’t taken a “which saved by the bell character are you” facebook quiz. can’t say the same for MSCL.

The world is like, yours or something…
Sunshine Superboy



One Response to “Last Dayz of Skool”

  1. selophane Says:

    My So Called Life for having the honor of being cut short before it could make a “Tori” mistake, and for having an LGBT character.

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