Maps are the New Black

Have you guys seen any of these crazy trend maps on the web? I don’t know how useful they are… for me personally, but its interesting food for thought nonetheless. Here’s an idea of what I’m riffing about:

Or to give you a close up contextualization:

I guess they’re nice for some things, like trying to understand the intersection of online gaming communities, and the book sales of Baudrillard, but its one of those creepy things where our project of trying to redefine what we understand to be “family” or “money” or “social networks” is not well served by ceding dominant conceptualizations of what these categories are or mean to the authors of these, IMHO, corporate representations.

Maps, it seems, along with fashion, advertising, demography, and the internets at large, have entered the terrain of contested trends of what the kids want (shoved down their throats).

Take Back Cartography!
Sunshine Superboy


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