People who pronounce the “eff” are either latinos saying Francisco rather accurately, or they’re just gringos who are not from here.

I’m gonna go catch a plane, but check this out:


The world is Yrs,
Sunshine Foggybottom Superboy


8 Responses to “Sarancisco”

  1. […] Museums, and Big Red Suspension Bridges? But, Honey, we’re not in Sarancisco […]

  2. sarancisco?

  3. i love san francisco!!
    i want to go there!!!!

  4. […] Francisco, but now with the flaming tongue of BARTOR, you can get all the way to SFO (thats “Sarancisco” International Airport) or Milbrae on the southern most tip of BART. Fremont and Dublin/ […]

  5. i went to san Fransisco it is so pretty !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 :p

  6. katie mil Says:

    i love the golden gate bridge it is awesome I ❤ IT

  7. katie mil Says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. the golden gate bridge is the beat bridge EVER

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