from Dewey Decimal to Manifest Destiny

behold its glory!!!

yeah, i liked this too (:

The further along I am in my process of writing final papers, the more my own bookshelf resembles a civil war, and the more my bedroom floor looks like a Hawaiian archipelago…

I know my library science friends will roll their eyes- whether they’re on the Library of Congress or the Dewey Decimal side of the great debate- but I’ve always preferred to arrange my (personal) books aesthetically or even auto-biographically (ask John Cusack about that one), so a shelf like this might do me some good.

Mind you, I am grateful that University Libraries have zero interest in pursuing cartographic cataloging. It would, however make for a different flirting with hot people in the library atmosphere. I could get behind that…


honestly though, what I want to see is a bookshelf like this that includes Puerto Rico, Alaska, Long Island, Guam, and some rendition of Hawai’i that doesn’t look like a series of ethnographies strewn across my floor.

The World is Yrs,
Sunshine Superboy

oh. and in case any of you white folks haven’t felt embarrassed about being white in a while, I’m including a special ethnic treat for you. having access to social, economic, and political power just cuz of skin privilege has its disadvantages too…

its kinda repetitive up until about a minute and a half into it. the end is worth it!!!


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