from Dead Bones to Sunshine

yo, fossil fuels are so twentieth century.

I’m cross posting some stuff about renewable energy and the dastards on capitol hill who are once again, being suckered into dangerous liasons with the conglomeration of fossil fuel industries that tend to run this planet (into the ground). But while you read this, please treat yourself to a nice blogging soundtrack, since you are so special and sympathetic to the cause. Then consider signing the petition below, whether or not your agnostic about move on and petition politics, cuz I know a lot of us kinda are.


okay, now that we have that all cued up, here is some scientific/ political news thats buzzing around the webs.

If ever there was an issue that ties to together so many others — national security, terrorism, the environment, the economy, and climate change — alternative, renewable energy is it. So I was pleasantly surprised, in between emails claiming Obama is going to take our guns away and digs at SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor, when I found this from

So why on earth is Congress considering an energy bill that: Would 1) weaken current law, repealing President Obama’s authority to crack down on dirty power plants, and 2) doesn’t actually require the creation of new solar or wind power?

Why? Because Big Oil and Coal have teamed up with conservatives in both parties, and they’ve been successful in weakening the bill. … The key thing is that Congress can still strengthen it—if there’s a public outcry. Can you sign this petition … today? Eighty thousand MoveOn members have already signed. We need to double the number of signatures by Wednesday [and] MoveOn members will personally deliver this petition to many congressional offices the next day.

The sun puts out about 400 trillion terawatts and it will last for billions of years. The tiny fraction that earth intercepts in just a few minutes would power every gizmo on the planet for quite a while. And the fossil fuel industry really has nothing to worry about: even with significant investment and a space-race style crash program to develop and implement cheaper, more efficient solar power, it will take years to decades to make a serious dent in traditional energy production. Besides, they’re the ones best positioned to cash in on new energy technology. Apparently, the energy industry still has to be led to water and have their heads forced to the surface for a big drink: please sign the petition here.

I apologize for the obnox tenor of moveon, but you know, clicking a link is the least you can muster, right? Just don’t go donating your hard earned solidarity finances to the President, okay? Nice guy and all but, seriously.


I’m sharing with you my favorite 2 minutes and forty-five seconds of the movie Sunshine, since its so epically amazing. I won’t give away video of whats actually happening, but I’m obsessed with how well produced so many scenes are, and how the score is grafted on to this intense cinematography and such. Its a nice soundtrack to accompany your contemplation of the sheer intensity of the sun. Like, dude.

and just to round things out, we’ll wrap up with a goofy map of our corner of the cold blackness of space.


The Solar System is Yrs,
FossilFuel Superboy


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  1. […] Under Sendek’s proposed terminology, you would say the mass of the earth is six hellagrams, and the power of the sun is 0.3 hellawatts. […]

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