if you believe they put a man on the moon…

You know the guy who took this picture?
Moon Landing

If you haven’t seen any interviews with Buzz Aldrin, the second human ever to set foot on the Moon, then let me be the first to assure you that the dude is a total badass. Exhibit A, Buzz punching a moon-landing conspiracist, in the face. IN. THE. FACE:

Exhibit B, kickin’ it with Ali G:

And to top it all of. Buzz was one of a handful of humans who so artfully perfected loneliness.

From the Cape of Good Hope,
Sunshine Superboy


3 Responses to “if you believe they put a man on the moon…”

  1. I too admire that about the Buzz-man

  2. I love how he so carefully and patiently explains the concept of “jokes” to Sasha Baron Cohen! I forgot how funny Ali G was. And way to punch that guy who was like 3 feet taller and didn’t believe in the moon!

  3. bad ass bad ass..
    the camera was located in the moon rover…

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