…and we’re Back!

Hiya Friends! We sure missed yall!


I ought to have been more deliberate about that mini break we had to take there, and at least given you a heads up that blackmaps would be a little quite for a few weeks there. But hey, like I warned ya in January, this is a new process for me. So thanks for sticking with me kids.

Now that I’m back in town we’ll have some more consistent posts, and a few other power ups are in the works for black maps here. One of which is that I’d like to welcome a new contributor… from up in Vermont, Mr.Ryan Van Meter will be writing up more science news for ya, and perhaps some other content. Also, from the self-important foggy peninsula of San Francisco Admiral Alee Karim has agreed to jump on board and blog about a little bit of everything, and although music and literature are particular strong points of his, homie has a sharp mind, a no-nonsense politics, and a penchant for a certain caliber of whit, ridiculocity, and of course an amicable capacity for geeking out. We just gotta work out some behind the scenes techie stuff with Alee, but its in the works okay? Fantastic news for blackmaps all around!!

Now, as for the image above, I honestly just posted it up cuz I like it. But then I got to thinking, there are three of them (from left: Matt Murdoc aka Daredevil, Peter Parker aka Spideyface, and Logan aka Wolverine), and three of us now and so… how would we match up? Like who would be who??

Well the most obvious one for me is Ryan as Peter Parker. I mean, skinny, smart-ass white guy suits the pair pretty well, and its not just cuz Ryan is the only white guy blogging here (Daredevil and Wolverine are white too).

I guess I’m next, and I’ll go for the Matt Murdoc thing… leading a bit of a double life as a grad student and a movement organizer is not so far off from being a lawyer by day and an avenger by night. The glasses thing helps too (though I am blessed with correctable vision/ and he, heightened abilities to hear everything down to a person’s heartbeat). And he’s blind, so what does he know about whether he’s black or white? 😛

Last would be Alee as Wolverine. Its a stretch, since Alee is anything but a loner, and offers too much comic relief to be a grumpy mega-healing crisis of masculinity. But lets be shallow for a second (ha! a SEcond!). In that particular photo, Logan looks a little bit like Alee (just pretend he’s Iraqi instead of Canadian and we’re good to go).

So there we go. I mean… HERE WE GO!

Sunshine Superboy


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