Riding While White in the NYC Subway

a white person (whom I know and love) shared this with me.

crossposted from RaceWire


Welcome to New York.

Despite the growing numbers of young cosmopolitan white people moving into historically Black, Latino, and Asian neighborhoods in search of cheap rent, good food, and street cred, here’s a guide created by a white man that maps out white New York City.

This map, though intended for white folks, can be used by people of color who live in the unmarked areas because the last stops on these lines should be where white people exit and seats are available for you to sit down. If they don’t get off, maybe you should remind them that they missed their last stop.


5 Responses to “Riding While White in the NYC Subway”

  1. John Blanchard Says:

    You do, of course, realise that if someone made a satirical New Yourk City map for black people, you’d be screaming your ass off about ‘racism’ and your ‘rights’.

  2. Sunshine Superboy Says:

    umm… yeah, I’m already screaming my ass off about racism. (I even do community organizing and popular education about it.) Oh, and I don’t even need to put it (racism) in quotes- thats how “hypothetical” it is to me!

    and guess what? through the joyous legacy from centuries of our racist/white supremacist society, I don’t need to wait around for some racist dastard to draw up an ‘ironic’ or ‘provocative’ map of a black people’s MTA to get a taste of systematic and historically entrenched oppression based solely on my skin color. life’s never been so rewarding!

  3. info@obsolete.org Says:

    Lame. Can you say, “The Brother from Another Planet (1984)”?

  4. s.thornton.taylor Says:

    Let the skin thing go. All these areas have gone through transition and yes shit has been bad for a lot of people for a long time, but it’s finally getting better and we who were born in to it and want nothing to do with it are trying to move way way past it. So can we?! Please?! Uh you white, you black, you brown, you red, you yellow, you…get the fuck over it!

  5. s.thornton.taylor Says:

    The map is hilarious though.

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