Your Date with Manifest Destiny

I’m heading to Wisconsin tomorrow, so I won’t be wordpressing for a minute.


Before I run away, however, I want to welcome in my favorite and fraught season of Fall, with a map that- for me- evokes the conflict I have of loving so many things about the place I live, and never forgetting that its stolen land, and that no amount of olympic pride, racial apologists, or seductive farmscapes (cheaper than ever! buy now!) can efface the original sins of the Great North American Occupation.

Autumn in North America is gorgeous and bountiful, but it also revels in the genocide of American Indians (and the collateral decimation of other people of color, and formerly-non-white… ahem “ethnic” Europeans) through rituals like Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. I like to read this map of my treacherous/ beloved country with the same ambivalence i feel for my dearest season… restless, deceptive, agitated and utterly beautiful.

May the Wind Be Always at Yr Back,
Sunshine Superboy


One Response to “Your Date with Manifest Destiny”

  1. yes! and speaking of ‘olympic pride’, everyone please check it: No 2010 Olympics on Stolen Native Land

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