Comeuppance! Retournourá pra Você

I found myself last weekend disclosing the fact that one of my favorite words is the english “comeuppance” which means:

an outcome (good or bad) that is well deserved [syn: deserts]

its a little different than lay understandings of karma, or fate, or even the oversimplified “what goes around comes around”. Its more like “that dastard has it coming”.

I like that comeuppance lacks a prefigured moral imperative (ie “unless you do x your fate will be y”). Its strictly after the fact, and yet it has this sense of looming justice either recently delivered or otherwise in the future of the deserving party. Either way, its just a word thats been on my mind for no particular reason, and I offer it as some kinda appetizer for this little Zelaya _46453755_-74update that I was poised to post cuz it goes along with the Brazil theme of the track below…

Honduras has threatened to revoke Brazil’s right to a diplomatic mission in a dispute over the status of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

Mr Zelaya took refuge in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa after sneaking into the country on Monday, three months after he was sent into exile.

Honduras’s interim government has given Brazil 10 days to either grant Mr Zelaya asylum or hand him over.

It has also issued a decree allowing it to ban protests and reporting.
The move was announced on Sunday after Mr Zelaya called on his supporters to stage a march on Monday.

Yay Brazil. Keepin it real ya know?

Anyway, I’m not translating this (because sometimes native english speakers feel like they’re entitled to all kinds of shit), but I will write up the text at the beginning of this track if you wanna try and piece it out. Its quoted in portuguese as a esoteric intro to this Portishead track which was stuck in my head for a full week last year when my Brazilian friend first played it for me. I put it on repeat on his computer and danced around repeatedly while cooking meals and cleaning in his little cottage on the outskirts of São Paulo. I then returned to North America and forgot about it after a few weeks… until last weekend!

In a bar in Milwaukee last week (while locals were pleased to point out the Phillies being pummeled by the Brewers), out of the blue I heard the following. And it all returned to me.

Esteja alerta para a regra dos 3 o que você dá, retornará para você Essa lição você tem que aprender Você só ganha o que você merece

portishead, silence

Esteja Alerta!!! … Porque Retournorá Pra Você,
Sunshine Superboy

aight! and just as a visual bonus (while you’re dancing) to my most rando stream of consciousness post ever, some love for pinstripes and mustaches, please!
phils fever


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