Voyage-á-Trois: Black US President Goes to China, China’s trade with Africa, in US Dollars

Ever wonder what international politics could sound like if it were written up like a celebrity blog?

Voyage á Trois!

There’s a lot of talk about how some black guy went to China this week, but the conversation seems really muddled from my stand point.

From within the US: Human Rights, Protectionism, Green House Gases and- ooooh is that the Great Wall? Like THEEEE Great Wall???

From non-US news sources: Dude! Obama totally tried to get China in on some bi-lateral cahoots, proposing ‘co-World-Superpowers’ like “imagine how awesome it would be if all yr peops and all my peops formed a pact of global domination”, and China was all like “nah, I don’t think so”. Ooooh, diss!

I think the BBC called it Hu’s refusal for a “G-2″ status. Hu Jintao (the Prez) and Wen Jiabao (the Chinese Primier), checked the megalomania of Obama and his north Americans by stating (paraphrasing, of course), that ‘yo, if you wanna do global work and stuff, we need to have global, multi-lateral talks, and include other homies. Srsly, thats busted that you even asked and tried to be all secretive about it. I’m totally telling…”

Global Community: ooh, diss

North Americans: Great Wall- Great Wall!

un-hyphenated-Africans: Shazam! At least we do hella buisiness with China.

Black Maps: toats! I wonder if anyone has made a map of China’s trade with African nations?


word. but China’s real jonesing addict, remains ever truly, the US:

The US has built up a massive trade deficit with China. The US argues that this is partly because China has kept its currency artificially weak, which makes its products cheaper overseas.

Sunshine Superboy

China! where the fun never ends!


2 Responses to “Voyage-á-Trois: Black US President Goes to China, China’s trade with Africa, in US Dollars”

  1. How I wish I could go to great wall of china….
    …But I dont have a money to go there..poor…..

  2. i know huh

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