When Life Hands You Blizzards- Canadian Beer Fridge

Sledding aside, don’t let the snow drifts get you down. When life hands you Blizzards… do as the Canadians do!

I hope you enjoyed that cuz the following awful joke was detonated 5 or 6 times a month by my sixth grade teacher, and I want to dedicate it to my (literally) old skool-buddy, the eloquent author of still twitching.

Q: What did one snowflake say to the other?
A: Stick with me and you’ll catch the drift!

Yeah, its pretty bad. But boy-oh-boy, we’re not in Brazil anymore Totozinho!

I just pushed off from South America night before last, after being stranded on the tarmac inside our plane for a few hours during torrential el niño “summer” rainstorms. It did rain every day I was in São Paulo, and no I am not complaining, cuz it was not 17ºF.

I get back to New York (and now finally home in Philadelphia), and its totally el niño-fest de novo. A bonefide Noreaster! The only word (I know of) that everyone from Maine to Maryland is all too giddy to belch, cuz its successfully made the crossover from a wicked Boston Southie vernacular to ubiquitous parlance. Are there any other Southie words that have made it to the big leagues??

anyways, so its been awhile (1997/98) since there was an “el Niño” media blitz, (and seriously I still can’t hear the words without thinking of Monica Lewinsky?!), so in case you forgot what “a child” has to do with weather going cray-cray intensivo… check it out below (pssst- it was named by the Peruvians for the “christ-child”. who knew??)

a sense of where non-canaidan North Americans are most affected by el niño

jingle wee wee wee all the way home,
Sunshine Superflurry


2 Responses to “When Life Hands You Blizzards- Canadian Beer Fridge”

  1. Thanks for the dedication! I had totally forgotten about that awesomely bad joke until now.

  2. Hey, this internet traveller thanks you for the weather news. I’m a new transplant to Seattle and I’ve been confounded by how DRY it is up here. We’ve had a couple weeks so far with no rain and crystal clear skies even though I was told to expect solid months of rain. I had no idea it was El Nino! I lived in Peru for a while, so the weather pattern’s a good buddy of mine. Interesting to see another side of its effects.

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