When the Saints come AutoTuned with Turtles and Scott Brown

Who Dat?!

So its been a few weeks since the Saints kicked some Super-Ass in some Rugby-related sport that North Americans insist on calling “football”. I celebrated in Oakland, marking the first time in my adult life that I’ve been to a superbowl party. I was in good company. Also, I got there very late and only saw the (triumphant) last ten minutes of the game. Which is all just as well.

For the five years or so, I’ve had a bet going among my best friend and his partner (who live in Raleigh, North Carolina), to see who could go the longest without finding out who won the Superbowl (each year). I think about 3/5 of the time I ended up NEVER finding out, and often not even knowing who was sparring. The Philadelphia Eagles was one exception, where my city was aglow a few years back… and then deflated. And just now with the Saints… I lost the bet immediately this time around, but it was all worth it! Especially, now that I can appreciate the Superbowl humor in the latest AutoTune the News (a new obsession of mine).

Somehow I missed the congressional debate about turtle fences, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING gets past the geniuses of Autotune the News. The simple prospect of using cheesy Cher disco technology to make newscasters sing the actual words they’ve broadcast is hilarity in a basket. Add to the the sassy backup vocals of the AutoTune the News Crew (a cute guy, his gorgeous wife, and his somewhat less-cute brothers, all Swarthmore College alumni), and we’ve got instant classics on our hands.

This time around, they’ve got Massachusetts Senator Scott “I drive a truck” Brown, Drew Brees (the New Orleans Saints valiant Quarterback), and a Nancy Pelosi cameo on the cowbell. Amazing!

Good Night and Good Luck,
Sunshine Superboy

in case you were in a cloud forest during the month of January, Scott Brown is this guy:

(from a 1982 Cosmo)


3 Responses to “When the Saints come AutoTuned with Turtles and Scott Brown”

  1. I love this and Afro-Latinosaurus Rex was awesome too!!!

  2. um reason why we are besties. not just that you put up with my saints love but also that evan and I have recently becomes obsessed with auto tune the news. you are the best ❤

  3. oh and that last thing is me because i want to start a blog of texts from parents. i think it could be phenomenal

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