BART Transit Dragon of Doom!

This Public Transit Dragon is Hella Mad!

Its no secret that I’m kind of a fanatic for metros and subway maps. My friend Dave Alee always saw something different in the olde Bay Area Rapid Transit map, (which comes as no surprise, cuz honestly, that kid is a genius). Anyways, ever since Alee teamed up with my pal David to create this harbinger of fire, fare hikes, and transfers-that-rarely-make-sense, I have never looked at the BART map the way I used to. Behold its glory:

Most trains used to only go to Colma, just South of San Francisco, but now with the flaming tongue of BARTOR, you can get all the way to SFO (thats “Sarancisco” International Airport) or Milbrae on the southern most tip of BART. Fremont and Dublin/ Pleasanton for the legs, feet & vainglorious tail, and the majestic wingspan branches out beyond MacArthur BART in Oakland to Richmond in the North (past Berkeley), and Pittsburg/ Bay Point in the North East of the bay.

The original Bay Area Rapid Transit map is below, for purposes of comparison.

If you live in the Bay (or just find yourself visiting), I hope the specter of Bartor the Transitator‘s image serves for some personal bemusement as you wait out the sometimes interminable interval between BART trains. Hell, you can strike up a conversation with a friendly fellow commuter and impress them with your inner knowledge of the public transit occult.

Up up and Away,
Sunshine Superboy


5 Responses to “BART Transit Dragon of Doom!”

  1. deekums baggins Says:

    Hey Hugsy Malone! Although I would love to take all the credit for BARTor, I must give credit to Alee for the original “vision” of the dragon in the system Map, as well as (I think) the name, as we were very heavily into Strong Bad emails at the time. I just did the lame Photoshop-ing. Miss you good buddy. Cheers, fuckface!

  2. Just thought your readers might like to know about People of Public Transit in Philly.


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  5. BadMonkey Says:

    This came up on Reddit and since this post had the old BART map, I updated it.

    Commenting here to give the original source some love 🙂

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