California Represent! Geo-cinematic representations in Hollywood circa 1927

This 1927 map by Paramount Pictures was apparently used for financial backers; it indicates shooting locations in California that could stand in for more exotic locales.

First of all, what the hell were they making movies about in 1927 that all you really need is Spain, New England, some rocky West and “Africa”?

anyways, I thought it was an incredibly interesting artifact of americana, industry, and representation.

The source is The American Film Industry by Tino Balio. According to the book, the variety of available geography in southern California is “one of the reasons” Hollywood became the center of the film industry.

I can think of a few others…

Up up and Away,
Sunshine Superboy


5 Responses to “California Represent! Geo-cinematic representations in Hollywood circa 1927”

  1. I love how the Santa Barbra Channel is a Stand in for the Long Island Sound.

  2. SapphicBulldog Says:

    Really interesting. Do you know the name or maker of the documentary the clip is from, by chance?

  3. I don’t know your views on Crimethinc, but from reading bits of your blog, I thought you might have at least a passing interest in seeing that everything they’ve ever written is now available in Potuguese:

  4. It would be interesting to see a modern update of that map. Also a Vancouver edition would be interesting as well.

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