Fifty States or DEATH!


skull map of US

For me at least, Alaska steals the show, here, and well it should. One sixth of the area of the United States is in Alaska alone, and this image which portrays the states in their proportional area effectively puts things in perspective. Texas also weighs in heavily, but consider if you will that it is only a third the size of Alaska. Anyone who has taken a road trip across Texas can appreciate what that means.

The map is from the infamous Mütter Museum of Medical Oddities in Philadelphia.siamese skeleton skull I finally visited the fascinating and at times gut wrenching collection of conjoined skulls, shrunken heads, formaldehyde fingers, and pickled fetuses just days after getting back from a short trip to Alaska.

Alaska was my fiftieth state! We actually drove most of the way there and then took a ferry for the last stretch. I’ve now been to all of them and completed the 50 State Challenge before my self-imposed deadline of the end of 2010. More later on that trip, and my trip to the other archipelago state, Hawai’i.

Road Trips or Death!
Sunshine Superboy


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