Hy-Rules: Charting Zelda in 8 Bits

An 8 bit map of the Legend of Zelda. Go ‘head and click on it to make it beaucoup bigger.

Zelda Map

Seeing it all together makes me feel like I could have saved hours of my young life wasted in nintendo-powered exploration of the great unknown ecosystems of Hyrule. Well really, I’m just bitter cuz if I had a better idea of where the frak I was going, I could have kicked so much more ass. Plus, this wouldn’t have been a perfect cheat, cuz wasn’t there a forest of unending, leprechaun-esque repetition (totally not represented on this map)?? Just saying.

If only every game had an Up Up Down Down Left Right (B) (A) START to save us all some adolescent grief.

oh, and Up Up Down Down (etc) is actually the name of a really good band that I’ve been digging for a while. Enjoy.

Up Up and Away,
Sunshine Superboy

ps- If you are too young to know what I’m talking about you probably shouldn’t be drinking, but otherwise, its okay, you might very well have a richer childhood than I did. Unless you were playing warcraft during your youthful sunny days.


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