Scandinavia, For the Win!!!

for those of you who relished Bartor, the Transit Dragon of Doom, (my friends’ clever map of the BART system of the SF Bay Area), get a load of this!

I present, Scandinavia, FTW!

map monster scandinavia

This map is a fun, internal critique of the sometimes puzzling geography of Scandinavia, cuz, people- Denmark (the little blue guy) really is considered part of Scandinavia. And yet that being so… isn’t it really somewhat of a geo-political FAIL…?

not to mention that Greenland is part of Denmark… sheesh.
Still, you gotta love this map! Its pretty cute for a FAIL!

For the Win!
Sunshine Superboy


3 Responses to “Scandinavia, For the Win!!!”

  1. This is great! Especially for someone like me who has spent a good deal of time in Denmark. The only thing is, they forgot to add in the island of Sjaelland. That’s where Copenhagen is. An added wattle would fix that right up!

  2. dude this is crazy and the danish folks i met explained that a large part of why they are part of scandinavia is because the swedish etc kept colonizing them.

  3. Timely post. These countries were recently re-considering creating a Nordic-Union of sorts:

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