United States of Autocomplete

I came across this map a few months ago and am just utterly charmed by it. Its pretty straight forward: go to a search window, begin typing the name of a state, and see what the top autocomplete option is. Repeat for all fifty states. Bonus points if you’ve been to all Fifty (I will never let you forget that I in fact HAVE). The map is dated with the moment of its composition, since, obviously, top search findings are dynamic, and change over time.

The map is a little small here, but if you click on the map it will load in better resolution in another tab or window.

In terms of decoding the results, it looks like Blue is for sports related autocompletes, Green represents college & university names, the Rust-colored-Red is for media, and everything else is just rando. Everything from Louisiana Purchase to Hawaii Five-O (a personal favorite).

Soak it up and enjoy.

Up Up and Away,
“Sunshine SuperBowl”

(an autocomplete)


One Response to “United States of Autocomplete”

  1. ouch. delaware’s top search result spans pa, nj, and if you stretch it ny but not actually delaware.

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