Somebody’s Sydney

A thoroughly entertaining map that projects different perspectives/ stereotypes among the locals of Sydney, Australia.

this one is dedicated to my Aussie buds:
funny sidney australia map

Having never been to Sydney, I have to admit that all of the references are pole-vaulting over my head, but I do get the sentiment.

All I can think of is “gosh, if anyone attempted to make a map like this of Philly we’d have an ugly riot on our hands… though we’d all be laughing”. On the other-hand, the New York part of me is like “yeah… all New Yorkers basically already walk around with a 5-borough version of this in our heads at all times,” which isn’t that funny.

Aussies! Not to cause a civil war, but which version of this map gets your personal blessing?

G’Day, G’Day, Up Up and Away!
Sunshine Superboy


3 Responses to “Somebody’s Sydney”

  1. Danger, don’t you be mixing up Inner West and West.

  2. The poll should be:

    Northern Beaches
    North Shore
    Hills District
    Inner West
    Eastern Suburbs
    South Sydney
    The Shire
    Western Sydney
    The Blue Mountains

  3. Alice Chappell Says:

    Does anyone know who the author of this map is? Trying to (unsuccessfully) track him/her down for an interview with TVS…

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