Congraduations! Post-Tassle Hipster Migrations

Spring is ending, and with it, so are “the college years” for so many hip youngsters. Once the commencement speeches have all been uttered, these gen Y-ers will be unleashed! But where will they go???

It might be hard to read below, so just click (or right click) the map and it’ll open bigger with a zoom/ magnifying glass jawn that makes it hell big. Certainly enough to have you LYAO.

this is kinda amazing. Some of my favs:

Seattle: Depressing Weather= Good Punk Scene + Coffee.
Detroit: Street Cred. Something vague about hopeful post-apocalyptic urban gardening.
Washington DC: “I don’t believe change can come from within the system, but this internship I found on will look great on my résumé so I can deal with it for a year or two until law school.”
Portland: “if only there were more diversity AND I could find a coffee shop job while I work on my music.”

kinda awesome. me? college is only gonna get more ridiculously expensive, but I’m working on a PhD so I’m gonna send my kid to regular-type high school, and then home-school her for her bachelor degree cuz bloody hell this tuition crap is robbery!

Up up and away with you!
Sunshine Superboy


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