Back to Skool Map-stravaganza: Home Ec.

Today’s atlas is inspired by your goofy Home Economics course. Do kids till have to take that??

Cartographic décor for your everyday life!

Word Cloud Couch Potato:
world word map

Coast to Coasters!!
map coasters

A little isthmus thermos!
isthmus flask

a globe of the good stuff, ol chap!
globe liquor cabinet

I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of the world map shower curtains and such, so we’ll leave it at that, and if you have more Martha Stewart Cartophile gems you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

Up up and away,
Sunshine Super Stewart


2 Responses to “Back to Skool Map-stravaganza: Home Ec.”

  1. Linda Beck Says:

    where can you purchase the world word map?

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