About Black Maps

Black Maps is the web version of a zine by the same name.


At its very base, the idea of this blog has a twofold nature. On the one hand, its about literally mapping “blackness” that is black identity, demographics, imagineerings (as a colleague of mine recently, and I should add facetiously coined) etc and “blackness” as in the politics that are to the left of “red” so to speak, anti-authoritarian, radical, anarchistic, or even just rebellious or seditious (including for example queer politics and critique)- anything challenging to the status quo and the socio-eco-whatever train of doom hurling toward some sort of crash-test wall. Only this is not a test. Right, and on the otherhand, its about mapping blackness, as in bringing things that are obscured, forgotten, marginalized or unnoticed into our view. Thus we have Black Maps!

Those are the general contours of Black Maps, and although maps and mapping are the main thrust of the blog, it is also an exploration of science, politics, and social movements. Put differently, this is a log of Captain Sunshine Superbo geeking out about wellness and sci-fi, comics, cooperatives, records, books, cooking and movies, or kvetching about U.S. foreign invasions, national/tri-state politics, public transportation, media personalities, and a general lack of conversation about myriad oppressions and resistances unfolding right in front of our google video-chat cameras.

In waking life, Sunshine Superboy is a Jamaican-American radical geographer and community organizer who is new to blogging, and who makes his home in the City of Brotherly Love (Go Phillies!). In ten years of organizing in various co-ops and collectives, homeboy’s activism spans community building for social and ecological justice, direct action, Latin American solidarity work, and popular education projects. Lately, homeboy’s efforts have focused on ‘transformative justice’ in sexual assault situations (with Philly Stands Up) and anti-oppression organizing in radical communities. In addition to pursuing a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology in New York) mostly studying land, housing, and urbanization in Brazil, homeboy’s newest projects concern creating a supportive community among anti-authoritarian queer people of color, and working with the Philly “Dudes” Collective on building analysis toward dismantling male supremacy and cultivating positive masculinity among men. Right, and homeboy is also a manager in the Mariposa Food Co-op staff collective which provides healthy, local food to the West Philly community. When he’s not being ridiculous, dude enjoys cooking thai food, riding bikes when its not raining, reading comics, and speaking Portuguese with friends. He also abuses British colloquialisms and is a bit of a tea snob. go figure….


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