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This Holiday Season, “Civil Unrest!” Brought to you by LEGO

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Get me an Arab Spring set! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!

Occupy my nightstick FTW!


Decolonize BART!

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Happy Fall Decolonization Fest part II!
What are you thankful for? Decentralized movements for social justice? The building up of a post-capitalist solidarity economy? Maybe just the sheer joy of public transit??

radical BART map

So many opportunities to reflect on the legacies of colonialism, slavery, genocide, and imperialism for those of us in the Western Hemisphere. Good tidings, and may this map of a reclaimed San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system keep good company to you and your people.

Thanks to my buddy Kenji for this cartographic gem!

If you’ve missed other awesome/ imaginative BART maps, you can click here and have your mind ravaged by BARTOR- the Transitator!!!

June Jordan bound train arriving at platform ONE in seven minutes…
Angela Davis International Airport bound Train is now boarding…

Sunshine Superboy

Back to Skool? Procrastination Interlude- True Blood and itunes

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Too much workies makes my head hurt!

Slide the maps aside. Take a break and listen to some tunes!
ipod commute map

then we can take a gander at the spatial arrangement of our favorite pulp Louisiana VampTown, Bon Temps!

but first! … oh fanfiction. how we love your imaginative airbrushing:
true blood eric bill gay

The merry land of True Bloodletting:
map of Bon Temps
(click the map for clarity)

have a bon temps!

Sunshine Supergarçon

Back to Skool Map-stravaganza: Home Ec.

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Today’s atlas is inspired by your goofy Home Economics course. Do kids till have to take that??

Cartographic décor for your everyday life!

Word Cloud Couch Potato:
world word map

Coast to Coasters!!
map coasters

A little isthmus thermos!
isthmus flask

a globe of the good stuff, ol chap!
globe liquor cabinet

I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of the world map shower curtains and such, so we’ll leave it at that, and if you have more Martha Stewart Cartophile gems you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

Up up and away,
Sunshine Super Stewart

Back to Skool Map-Fest: “Foreign” Languages

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Is that the Eiffel Tower or are you just heureux to see me?
eiffel map

españa centro del mundo Every Western European country gets to have its moment of ethnocentrism and false superiority! ¡Qué Bueno! ¡Viva España!

I’m sure I can Brussel up a game or two!

take a quick walking tour of central São Paulo! Andar com a gente!
center sao paulo

oh hell, I give up. Just throw them all in there!

True Size of Africa, Europe inside
(right click to enlarge in another window)

Ooops, whats that you noticed? China, the US, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, and all of Eastern Europe can fit comfortably inside of the African Continent?! OMG, with a lifetime of distorted map projections, who could have guessed?!!

Sorry, we veered away from our non-english languages, subject. Whatevs, at least we learned something… Thats all for today kiddies!

Ciao, Au Revoire, Hasta Luego, Até Logo, Sianara!

Sunshine Superchico-garçom

Back to Skool: Kick-starting our Map-tastic Week from Art and Foreign Language, to Geography T-Shirts!!!

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We were on a little “summer” “break” there for a spell (I use both words in quote, cuz it was already September, San Francisco doesn’t have a summer, and I hardly had a moment’s rest!), but we are back with a compendium of maps to keep your trapper-keeper in engorged! Hooray for overcompensation!!

US T-shirt map

We’ll post at least a map a day for the next week, marching right through some of our least (?) favorite school subjects- further proof that you can use maps in whatever area of study. Hooray again! (Sorry, I get excited about September. Its really a spectacular month, isn’t it?!).

Lets start with Geography:
A hilarious, if at times scary personal US geography tee-shirt design from our buddy pals at Threadless (they’re not a Black Maps sponsor….). We’ll start with another T-shirt model, and skip along to a zoom on the map itself.

US Threadless T-shirt Map


Sorry New England… erm, and the “corn” states 😦
If it makes you feel any better, I’m from the Commonwealth of “Blah Blah History”

Threadless Map T-shirt

A tearful farewell to our last month of t-shirts. Come back for more Back to School Maps!

Sunshine Superboy

LOLZ. Can’t help myself…. Classic emo jam. Horrendous homemade video!

Congraduations! Post-Tassle Hipster Migrations

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Spring is ending, and with it, so are “the college years” for so many hip youngsters. Once the commencement speeches have all been uttered, these gen Y-ers will be unleashed! But where will they go???

It might be hard to read below, so just click (or right click) the map and it’ll open bigger with a zoom/ magnifying glass jawn that makes it hell big. Certainly enough to have you LYAO.

this is kinda amazing. Some of my favs:

Seattle: Depressing Weather= Good Punk Scene + Coffee.
Detroit: Street Cred. Something vague about hopeful post-apocalyptic urban gardening.
Washington DC: “I don’t believe change can come from within the system, but this internship I found on will look great on my résumé so I can deal with it for a year or two until law school.”
Portland: “if only there were more diversity AND I could find a coffee shop job while I work on my music.”

kinda awesome. me? college is only gonna get more ridiculously expensive, but I’m working on a PhD so I’m gonna send my kid to regular-type high school, and then home-school her for her bachelor degree cuz bloody hell this tuition crap is robbery!

Up up and away with you!
Sunshine Superboy