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mapping paid maternity leave.

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North America comes out on top. And bottom.


Some things that aren’t represented in this map are the fact that undocumented workers don’t have access to these supposedly “progressive” benefits in the liberal blue-teal-green countries. Also, there’s a gaping silence regarding men as parents from paternity or “parental” leave all the way down to the much more critical situation of single fathers and dads who are primary parents yet don’t have access to federal or  private sector support in the ways provided by maternity leave.

What we need is a paradigm shift toward parental leave policies, and not this gendered institutionalization of what kind of people can be committed parents. Beyond this, there needs to be a broader sense of caregiving, which can account for taking care of young folks (who aren’t necessarily still babies), elderly folks, people with chronic illness, or even people enduring episodic mental instability.

I ended up in a short back-and-forth with a friend of a friend about this map a couple months ago. She was trying to salvage the US neoliberal fuck-over situation through an anecdotal testimony of her employer, a MAJOR U.S. bank, and their generous maternity policy, and how great it is that even though the Federal law provides no support, ‘we shouldn’t hate because private corporations have gone above and beyond’ even what northern European governments offer.

I of course responded with a critical perspective of particularly large corporations (especially banks??!!), and the bizarre neoliberal/ libertarian logic that corporations should make a killing by-any-means-necessary, the government should give them some space and stop taxing and regulating them for chrissakes, and then we should be grateful/ adorning/ impressed that they take a sliver of their hard-fought earnings and invest it in some HR policies that keep the workers pacified in their frustration, even obliged to the pirating cartels corporations for “taking care of them.” And then of course its understandable when corporations are going through tough times of austerity, that they cut back on “excesses” and “benefits” such as the aforementioned generous big bank maternity policy, since they have a business to run afterall…

I’m not saying that the State is my bestie (lord knows they never cut back on social programs like parental leave, pensions, or medical aid!), but I don’t think we should be so naïve as to think that our jobs/ bosses/ companies are the answer to accessing support when new children/ babies come into our lives.

Reporting Live from Dad Duty,

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Secret Lair, NYC: Mapping Marvel’s Heroes and Villains

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A good friend of mine once asked me what the main difference was between Marvel and DC comics.

Not wanting to completely nerd out on her, I highlighted the great distinction that the DC Universe has fantasy urban spaces, Gotham, Metropolis, Star City etc.

daredevil highline park

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in the Highline Park of Manhattan

Meanwhile the Marvel Universe is situated in our own utterly realistic geography: the X-men now in San Francisco were based just north of New York City in the Hudson Valley, and as the map below shows, from Daredevil (above), to the Avengers to Captain America’s Brooklyn apartment so much of the Marvel U is not so hard to plot in the varied neighborhoods of New York.

So lets have a look, shall we?

Marvel Heroes NYC locations map

Now this is a fairly old map, but I still think it illustrates the spatial dimension of the Marvel Universe rather well, giving us a sense of the proximity of the Fantastic Four’s “Baxter Building” HQ, of Avengers’ Tower, and all the rest of it, and where they are in relation to frequent sites of battle and intrigue such as Times Square, the Empire State building, and all them bridges that connect Jersey and all the boroughs of my native islands.

Anyone wanna help me make an updated Marvel Comics Map of New York City?!

How ’bout THEM big apples?
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Decolonize BART!

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Happy Fall Decolonization Fest part II!
What are you thankful for? Decentralized movements for social justice? The building up of a post-capitalist solidarity economy? Maybe just the sheer joy of public transit??

radical BART map

So many opportunities to reflect on the legacies of colonialism, slavery, genocide, and imperialism for those of us in the Western Hemisphere. Good tidings, and may this map of a reclaimed San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system keep good company to you and your people.

Thanks to my buddy Kenji for this cartographic gem!

If you’ve missed other awesome/ imaginative BART maps, you can click here and have your mind ravaged by BARTOR- the Transitator!!!

June Jordan bound train arriving at platform ONE in seven minutes…
Angela Davis International Airport bound Train is now boarding…

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Worker Co-ops Support the 99% Movement

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Just to add to some of the smart things people are saying about the 99% Movement, for example perspectives from New Orleans, Detroit and Oakland.

#OWS map

Worker Cooperatives support Occupy Wall Street…
The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street
movement, and the Occupy movements around the world.
As a national grassroots membership organization of
worker cooperatives—businesses owned and democratically controlled by our worker members — we support
and are honored to join you in this call for an economy organized to meet human needs.
We are heartened to see the beginnings of a genuine discussion and debate about different economic models —
models that value fairness at their core. As many of us come together for the first time to discuss the problems
that face us, and as we begin to collectively reimagine our economy and society, we believe it is critical to
actively make space for all voices to be heard. We urge this new movement to remain open and plural.

…and we invite you to join us in occupying Main Street

Cooperatives are the fastest growing socioeconomic movement in the world, with close to one billion members.
Worker cooperative businesses are in all sorts of industries: engineering, importing coffee,
baking bread, doing web development, cleaning houses, nursing and home health care, running
grocery stores, driving taxis, and more. But worker cooperatives are part of a much larger cooperative
economy that includes credit unions, consumer coops, housing coops, agricultural producer coops, and rural
electric coops — in the US, nearly 30,000 cooperative enterprises own over $3 trillion in shared assets.

Cooperatives are based on values.

Worker cooperatives are businesses that are owned and operated on democratic principles by the people
who work in them. Because they are organized around the will, talents and needs of the human
beings who work in them rather than the imperative of growth and ever-increasing profit margins,
worker cooperatives have the capacity to promote and extend new, humane and imaginative ways of
meeting the material needs of people by producing and distributing goods and services in society.
When dozens, hundreds and thousands of these enterprises pool resources and cooperate with
each other based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and
solidarity, a fundamental transformation of culture and society occurs. This has taken place most notably
and enduringly in Mondragon, Spain, and the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, where worker coops drive
the economy and fund and control social services, health care, retirement and education.

The cooperative movement needs you. And the world needs the cooperative movement.

As the Occupy movements have made clear, and as the UN recognized in declaring 2012 the
International Year of Cooperatives
, we need a new way forward to a better world. Cooperatives can be
economic engines and laboratories for democracy — a powerful, practical part of building an economy
and society that works for all its members.

We are the 99.

Sunshine Superboy

Currently Occupied…

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occupy wall street cartoon

Just for Example…

why occupy

would love to see links to other maps of occupations, and perhaps some analysis. I usually like to offer some and I will update this with some thoughts.

Share your links in the comments section below.

We. Are. Mobilizing.
Sunshine Superboy

Back to Skool? Procrastination Interlude- True Blood and itunes

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Too much workies makes my head hurt!

Slide the maps aside. Take a break and listen to some tunes!
ipod commute map

then we can take a gander at the spatial arrangement of our favorite pulp Louisiana VampTown, Bon Temps!

but first! … oh fanfiction. how we love your imaginative airbrushing:
true blood eric bill gay

The merry land of True Bloodletting:
map of Bon Temps
(click the map for clarity)

have a bon temps!

Sunshine Supergarçon

Back to Skool Map-stravaganza: Home Ec.

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Today’s atlas is inspired by your goofy Home Economics course. Do kids till have to take that??

Cartographic décor for your everyday life!

Word Cloud Couch Potato:
world word map

Coast to Coasters!!
map coasters

A little isthmus thermos!
isthmus flask

a globe of the good stuff, ol chap!
globe liquor cabinet

I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of the world map shower curtains and such, so we’ll leave it at that, and if you have more Martha Stewart Cartophile gems you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

Up up and away,
Sunshine Super Stewart