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Food Justice & Anti-Racism (FJAR)

GMO vs Organic prop 37

things worth noting/ zooming in about are the “natural products” lines on the left which were systematically bought out by corporations (such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, General Mills, and Kellogg) as part of their strategic green-washing campaigns.  Those supporting the organic food industry on the right of the poster include Organic Valley, Dr.Bronners, and Eden Foods.


For those of you voting in California, Prop 37 would require GMO labeling and increase transparency about the processes under which food is grown. Vote YES on Prop 37, November 6th.

This little news clip has more info:


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The London Olympic grounds… according to the Onion (:

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How’s that then??

Astronomical Connections… so sayeth Neil.

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This, is an actual photo taken on the planet Mars (by robots, obvies) of three planets aligned:

Earth, Jupiter, and Venus.




I Wanna, Yeah I Wanna! the Ramones vs. The Misfits

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Back to Skool: Kick-starting our Map-tastic Week from Art and Foreign Language, to Geography T-Shirts!!!

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We were on a little “summer” “break” there for a spell (I use both words in quote, cuz it was already September, San Francisco doesn’t have a summer, and I hardly had a moment’s rest!), but we are back with a compendium of maps to keep your trapper-keeper in engorged! Hooray for overcompensation!!

US T-shirt map

We’ll post at least a map a day for the next week, marching right through some of our least (?) favorite school subjects- further proof that you can use maps in whatever area of study. Hooray again! (Sorry, I get excited about September. Its really a spectacular month, isn’t it?!).

Lets start with Geography:
A hilarious, if at times scary personal US geography tee-shirt design from our buddy pals at Threadless (they’re not a Black Maps sponsor….). We’ll start with another T-shirt model, and skip along to a zoom on the map itself.

US Threadless T-shirt Map


Sorry New England… erm, and the “corn” states 😦
If it makes you feel any better, I’m from the Commonwealth of “Blah Blah History”

Threadless Map T-shirt

A tearful farewell to our last month of t-shirts. Come back for more Back to School Maps!

Sunshine Superboy

LOLZ. Can’t help myself…. Classic emo jam. Horrendous homemade video!

Casting-off the Clampdown: a Summer of Insurrection

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From Pelican Bay to fires in the UK (as in London above), it has been a long hot summer of people taking a lot of nonsense for too long, and folks are fighting back.

Lets start in London:

london deprivation riot map

In the map above, the colors represent “indices of deprivation” where deeper reds represent higher poverty, while blues represent more income. The little tabbies are of course correlated to “riot” locales.

I devised a multi-media, interactive, 3D map which you can use right in your own home!

Step One: Print out any of these maps

Step Two: strike a match (or the flame of a stove/ pilot light will do)

Step Three: allow the flame to lick the map print out such that the paper catches aflame.

Voila! You’ve got your very own multi-media London Riot in your hands. You’ll want to run this under some water lest your home or office burn down.

Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster with a voice about the riots. Speaking about the mistreatment of youths by police leading to an up-roar and the ignorance of both police and the government.

The mainstream media are at least reporting on some of that one (its kind of hard to black out a full scale insurrection where people are burning entire neighborhoods). Whats interesting is the disconnect (as seen in this BBC clip) between the action that angry folks of color are taking to the street and the source of that anger. The racialization of black people in England and elsewhere is such that we are subject to all kinds of daily violence and invasion of our bodies and our spaces by the state, including the police and various other apparatuses of the state.

Only by erasing the harassment of racialization (the processes of attributing a non-white “race” to people of color) can a new anchor or a white public surface with a question like “where is this coming from? why are people rioting?”

Sometimes, as with organized movements, the people taking action have very clear, articulated demands- as in Pelican Bay:

The Pelican Bay Hunger Strike started on July 1, 2011 it is

an organizing effort initiated and led by prisoners against torture and imprisonment. In the Spring of 2011, prisoners inside Pelican Bay State Prison contacted prisoner-rights and anti-prison activist organizations announcing 50-100 prisoners would take part in a hunger strike.

Their efforts quickly spread to 13 prisons, and at least 6,600 hunger strikers in California, and beyond the Golden State, countless prisoners elsewhere and supporters on “the outside” including nuns, congregations and religious leaders and community organizers the world over.

There are just five simple demands, which are:

1. End Group Punishment & Administrative Abuse
* especially “group punishment” as a means to address individual inmates rule violations.

2. Abolish the Debriefing Policy, and Modify Active/Inactive Gang Status Criteria
* Perceived gang membership (often false) is one of the leading reasons for placement in solitary confinement.

3. Comply with the US Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons 2006 Recommendations Regarding an End to Long-Term Solitary Confinement

4. Provide Adequate and Nutritious Food

5. Expand and Provide Constructive Programming and Privileges for Indefinite SHU Status Inmates.

Regular update (and more background information) on Pelican Bay can be found on the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity blog.

The funny thing about media blackouts is that you don’t know they’re happening, unless you happen to know about something crazy thats happening and can bear witness to the silencing that the Main Stream Media works so feverishly to create.

Phew. That was a mouthful. And we didn’t even talk about Damascus or Greece, or Palestine or so many other hotbeds of insurrection.

“Have Some Respect”- Darcus Howe

Now Panic and Freak Out!
Sunshine Superboy

Geographies of a Baseball Fandom

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major League Baseball fans map

MLB Fan Map Breaks Down Baseball Fans Geographically:

We are featuring [this] the Major League Baseball fan map. It was designed by Nike Sweatshop loving Capitalist Jerks and it is called “The United Countries of Baseball.”

I like this one a lot because it has a very classic feel to it.

For the most part, it seems pretty accurate. I would be willing to bet that the Devil Rays have a bit more fans in Florida now than the Marlins, but this was made a couple years ago, before the Rays were worth a crap.

What makes these maps so interesting is that they highlight the local nature of sports. Wherever you are, there’s a team somewhere nearby.

Go to Columbus and you’ll be swamped with Buckeye merch. Go to Minneapolis and check out the row after row of Vikings #4 jerseys.

Obviously these maps don’t take into account how many fans of a team live elsewhere and we often compare our athletes to soldiers. The stadium is our turf.

These maps are simply a fun graphical representation of imaginary territories, defended by our favorite teams.

Just how “accurate” is this map? Well, at Black Maps of course, we would answer that question with, you guessed it- another map!
Cue the data:

basefall fan census map
this unfortunately excludes Canadian data, but it does have this nifty clickable statistics map, well worth checking out, despite their disclaimer:

Important: this map is highly inaccurate and should be understood only as a demonstration, and not as any kind of reliable data yet. It is based on only a few thousands of votes spread across all teams, across the country. Areas with virtually no data are shown in gray, and many boundaries are still expected to change their shape drastically. A map with more accurate boundaries will gradually emerge as the number of votes reaches the upper tens of thousands.

Within the colored area associated with each team, more fans support that team than any other. Little dots of color represent individual votes, large masses represent agglomerations of the predominant local vote (minority votes get ‘sucked up’ and disappear). State boundaries are overlaid in white.

…Cuz its One, Two, Three Strikes you’re OUT of the olde ball game!

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