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Confront Corruption! Oh, and feed me Braaaains!

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BlackPanther8bdoh! I should have been on this way earlier today. I mean, c’mon, here I am in Africa and we’ve got, visiting a country in Sub-Saharan Africa, an African-American, American President. Is that headline worthy or what????!

I know it can sometimes be hard to parse out my sarcasm/satire from my genuine politics– and mind you I am very glad to have this guy around and glad that he is visiting Africa (and planning to announce billions in aid is the rumor?)- but still. I mean you read something like this utter crap that these AP journalists consider “coverage” of our Black President in our black continent, and my lunch gets in danger of leaving my belly and getting coughed up into the sink. Exhibit A:

(AP) ACCRA, Ghana — America’s president and Africa’s son, Barack Obama dashed with pride onto the continent of his ancestors Saturday, challenging its people to shed corruption and conflict in favor of peace. Campaigning to all of Africa, he said “Yes you can.”

“I say this knowing full well the tragic past that has sometimes haunted this part of the world,” Obama told a riveted Ghanaian Parliament. “I have the blood of Africa within me.

In the faces of those who lined the streets and in many of Obama’s own words, this trip was personal. Beyond his message, the story was his presence _ the first black U.S. president coming to poor, proud, predominantly black sub-Sahara Africa for his first time in office.

insert spoon into mouth. gag as needed.


I mean, people are literally dancing in the street. And by “streets” I mean soccer fields. Which they may actually call “futbol” fields up there…

Man oh man. And the parliament in Accra was eating up every word of his speech. Kinda seems like they somehow never heard his embarrassing little secret.

Whats amazing is the sheer stamina of Obama. I mean, our first undead president has managed to attend to head of state duties in spite of his zombie infection, participating in whirlwind G8 Summits, Kremlin visits (he had to cancel his Gremlin visit to make that work), and rolling out the long leash on Rahm Emmanuel his Secretary of I’ll-Bash-Yr-Teeth-In-Motherfucker *(see “Rahm Bomb” in the video below). Its just makes you wonder how much more effective he could have been if he had some basic zombie survival skills on the campaign trail. 633597097556580165-braiiiiiinsThat senior citizen, come US senator, come undead presidential candidate John McCain may have been a goober as far as election competition goes, but he was expedient at catching and eventually converting Obama immediately following their last debate last Fall.

Sorry you guys, I just (finally) watched 28 weeks later, and I’m feeling a little punchy right now. On the bright side, I’ve spared you my impulse to write about Black President Obama stopping by the nation of Wakanda before leaving the continent. I read a Black Panther comic this morning and all I can think about in light of this trip to Ghana, is Obama glad-handing T’challa, King of Wakanda, along with Storm the X-men/mutant slash kinda recent Queen of Wakanda. Oooh, I can just picture Ororo Monroe and Michele Obama in some hi-tech royale palace…

Anyways, I’m gonna hitch the next ride outta geekville, which require me to wrap up this post and move along. Have I warned you about when I post on Saturday afternoons?!


Bolden: go where no black has gone before…

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In a high-profile move to cope with his post-Battlestar Galactica depression, Famous All-Powerful Black Guy Barack Obama has appointed this black astronaut to lead the non-cylon races as NASA’s new top gun.

Man, electing a Black President was the best idea we negroes ever had!!!

MILKYWAY: SOLAR SYSTEM: EARTH: WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Saturday named former shuttle commander Charles Bolden to lead NASA at a critical time for the space agency.

The White House has ordered a complete outside review of NASA’s manned space program, including plans to return astronauts to the moon.

Bolden flew in space four times _ twice as shuttle commander _ and once was assistant deputy administrator at NASA headquarters in Washington. The 62-year-old Bolden left NASA in 1994.

If the Senate confirms Bolden, he would be the space agency’s first black administrator and the second astronaut to hold the post.

NASA Administrator

Obama also announced that he was nominating Lori Garver to be NASA’s deputy administrator. Garver was Obama’s NASA transition chief and is a former associate administrator at the agency.

“These talented individuals will help put NASA on course to boldly push the boundaries of science, aeronautics and exploration in the 21st century and ensure the long-term vibrancy of Americas space program,” Obama said in a statement.

White House science adviser John Holdren said in early May that the new panel will look at the design of new spacecraft to replace the space shuttle and go to the moon, as well as consider possible alternatives to the current design.

Also to be studied is the five-year gap between the shuttle’s retirement and the new moon vehicles, with the first new space capsule flying in 2015. During that time, starting in late 2010, NASA would have to rely on the Russians for space travel. The review will look at extending NASA’s use of the multibillion-dollar international space station beyond 2016.

NASA has spent $6.9 billion on its plan to return to the moon, which then-President George W. Bush presented as a response to the 2003 space shuttle Columbia accident.

Asked “why Bolden?” Obama first cracked a pun about how ‘the time had come to Bolden go where no negro had gone before!’ After chuckling to himself, the Black President relented in a matter-of-fact tone “No seriously though…. Out of all of the characters we got to know, human and cylon, there wasn’t a single non-evil black astronaut on all four seasons of BSG. I mean, they did some groundbreaking things with gender, but I just wanted to show those racist script writing motherfrakkers that at the end of the day I’m the Black President of a real world space age nation, and my power, unlike Adama’s or Roslin’s, is like actual.”

So say we all, Mr.President. So say we all…

Sunshine Superboy

*so, everything written in the dark block quote section is like, actual.

“I choo choo choose you!”

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Why so glum? Am I like the only person who was not expecting a glorious new age of social and economic justice to roll in with the crowning inauguration of President Obama? I mean, with the way everyone from classmates of mine to neighbors on the trolley/subway, all the way up to God’s own precious gift to American Activist-Intelligensia (oops, we don’t have one, so we borrowed from Canada) known as Naomi Klein (dot com or some shit), everyone’s got like irritable bowel syndrome over how underwhelming/ corporate/ betraying/ neoliberal Captain Obama has turned out to be. The love fest is over I suppose. I guess, short of a few WTFuck cabinet appointments, I haven’t really felt surprised by the guy. He was, after all, the outcome of a punch-hole questionnaire that looked more or less like this:


Which is why this also doesn’t surprise me. Its no cause for celebration, but maybe its a glimmer of hope. Ugh, nah, that concept went bankrupt along with the AIG bailout… Anyway, I’ll paste it in along with… a map!

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday outlined plans for a high-speed rail network he said would change the way Americans travel, drawing comparisons to the 1950s creation of the interstate highway system.

Obama was careful to point out that his plan was only a down payment on an ambitious plan that, if realized, could connect Chicago and St. Louis, Orlando and Miami, Portland and Seattle and dozens of other metropolitan areas around the country with high-speed trains.

There’s no guarantee that the nation has the political will _ Congress has often tried to reduce support for Amtrak _ or the hundreds of billions of dollars and decades it would take to build a comprehensive fast rail system.

“This is not some fanciful, pie-in-the-sky vision of the future,” Obama said during an event at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is adjacent to the White House. “It is happening right now. It’s been happening for decades. The problem is it’s been happening elsewhere, not here.”

The United States trails other developed countries in developing high-speed rail. [duh.] The Spanish can travel the 386 miles from Madrid to Barcelona at speeds averaging almost 150 miles per hour. Japan’s Shinkansen links its major cities at speeds averaging 180 mph and France’s TGV train averages about 133 mph in carrying passengers from Paris to Lyon.

The only U.S. rail service that meets the Federal Railroad Administration’s 110 mph threshold to qualify as high-speed rail is Amtrak’s 9-year-old Acela Express route connecting Boston to Washington, D.C.


Initially, regional transportation offices will compete for the $8 billion included in the $787 billion economic stimulus spending package for high-speed rail, bolstered by $1 billion a year for five years requested in the federal budget.

The $8 billion is part of $64 billion in the stimulus package for roads, bridges, rail and transit, what Obama called “the most sweeping investment in our infrastructure since President Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s.”

Obama said the first round of money would go to upgrading and increasing speeds on existing lines where people could quickly be put to work. The second and third phases would focus on high-speed rail planning and money to jump-start corridors not yet ready for construction. The Transportation Department is to announce first-round grants before the end of the summer.

Obama said a mature high-speed rail system would reduce demand for foreign oil and eliminate more than 6 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year _ equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the roads.

Any region could present a long-range plan, he said, although the stimulus money can go only to the 10 major corridors designated by the Federal Railroad Administration and covering lines in Texas, California, Florida, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, the Gulf Coast, the Southeast, northern New England, Pennsylvania and New York.


The Midwest Regional Rail Initiative, joining Chicago and 11 other metropolitan areas within 400 miles, is a front-runner. The governors of eight Midwest states wrote Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood this week appealing for money for the region, one of the hardest hit by the recession.

Howard Learner, president of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center, a group promoting the rail network, said that with about $2 billion of the stimulus money they could complete or upgrade lines linking Chicago with St. Louis, Detroit and Milwaukee-Madison.

“It’s a way of solving our global warming problems that also creates jobs and provides a boost to the economy,” he said.

But the competition will be fierce. [hey-y!]

“We are very jazzed about it,” said Karen Parsons, executive director of the Southern High-Speed Rail Commission. She said preliminary numbers showed that they could increase capacity and speed on the existing New Orleans-Baton Rouge line for about $150 million to $200 million, and for $500 million they could expand service from New Orleans to Mobile, Ala.

Mehdi Morshed, executive director of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, said his state has a plan to build 800 miles of track for trains running 220 mph, at a cost of about $45 billion. He said the state may ask for about $4 billion from the federal government to work on lines between San Francisco and San Jose and Los Angeles and Anaheim.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement that his state leads others because they’re as self-centered and elitist as he is voters last November approved nearly $10 billion in state bonds for high-speed rail. “With a boost from our federal partners, nearly 40 million Californians and millions of travelers from around the world will be able to experience the reality of America’s first high-speed rail system.”

the Acela Train at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia

the Acela Train at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia

Chris Lippincott, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation, said his office was excited about advancing plans to build high-speed lines from San Antonio to Dallas and then up to Little Rock and Tulsa. But he added that the “nation’s rail needs will exceed a single injection of money,” citing estimates that just staying even with current level of congestion in his state will cost $313 billion over the next 20 years.

Some say the investment is too small, Obama acknowledged. “But this is just a first step. We know this is going to be a long-term project,” he said.

I love that we live in a world where enough of you will get the reference for the title of this post. Rather than cross my arms in unsympathetic pity for the rest of you, I’ll let you in on the joke. Just click the magic embedded tube below my signout- and don’t say I never did anything nice for ya. Besides, I almost titled the post “Training for Change” which would have been a pun to top them all, but only like 87 people in a particular zip code or two of West Philadelphia (and a few scattered radical quakers in other parts of the continent) would have gotten that reference.


Sunshine Superboy

HM-Oh Canaduh!

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Speaking of Mapping wealth and the glorious promise of “universal” healthcare funds for HMOs that will someday be delivered by Saint Barack,

I don’t think its that the New English are like, sicker or something. Seems like Americans are just better at capitalism. Didn’t Michael Moore have some shit to say about that? I dunno, I tuned that uppity liberal self-important Michigander out sometime before the 2004 election (in the US).

But as I was saying, it would seem that Canadians are just healthier or something, which still may be the case, but I don’t think these maps prove or disprove that. How would myths of a fit Canadia be confused by the subject of this leaf from the Atlas of Canada:


Apologies again for the low definition. For what its worth, this time I don’t even have a high res map to know what the hell is going on. But interesting nonetheless, eh?

The World is Just Aboot Everybody’s, eh?
Soleil Super-garcon


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I had this professor who, despite a proclivity for often irrelevant or repetitious mutterings, actually said something pretty brilliant just before the 2008 America’s Top Model Presidential preference contest. I’ll share what he said in a sec, but first I need you to go take a look gaze into the mesmerizing official photo of our official black honcho with the nuclear codes:
Now tell me, what do you see?

The nameless professor said this brilliant thing which is that Barack H. Obama is a rorschach test. He IS a fucking rorschach. Give that a second to sink in, and contemplate how right on the money mark said educator was. Wow.


People see what they WANT to see in Barack Obama. Or rather, what they see is related to a complex convergence of their environmental inputs, their worldview, their social conditioning, their personality, their politics and experiences etc- I’m lazily calling this “what they want to see” but you get the point.

A muslim terrorist? Kablam! A beautiful merciful vainglorious deus-ex-machina? So say we all! A pretty fucking talented politician who might make some decent decisions but ultimately is responsible in no small part for the perpetuation of American imperial policy and the interventionist bailout of the Capitalist system? Meh, perhaps. But its the amazing capacity to be all things to all people (even the straw-brown-man for Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin’s small town America) that interests me. Obama can be the untrustworthy global leader of capitalism to the anti-capitalists that want to talk about different processes of exploitation, and the very same people can go have dinner with… I dunno, liberal uncles of theirs and find like “common ground” about how Obama is gonna… stop global warming or provide inspiration to black youth or whatever. The whitehouse official portrait illustrates this perfectly.

Who he is is deeper than that of course, and this ties into the, again complex, myths and mythos that is built up around Obama. Like many a fetishized thing in our world, Obama the president, the community-organizer-in-chief if you will, renders invisible so many processes that went into making him who he is and bringing him to the position he is in today (including being in the office with the fucking nuclear codes).

Good ol Nate from fivethirtyeight shared this with the world on his blog last week. I thought it would add to the layers of our own stories in de-mystifying, de-fetishizing Mr.Obama. Check out this map (and excuse the 1948 version of the incomplete United States) that shows 3 different versions of how “states” voted, based not on pure popular vote this time, but on popular vote broken down into three different maps based on income.


Interesting I thinks…

The World is Yours,
Sunshine Superboy


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Inaugs. Whu-What??!
I’m sorry but this photo is just too badass.

Anyway, so the inaugs: I was all up in it. Shit was cold. If you have a short attention span you can watch a two minute version here. My new friend Drew took some photos and liveblogged here. As for me, I was back by the washington phallicstack/ obilisk among the millions. inauguration-liveblog-washi1 I’m sharing some of the photos with you below, cuz I didn’t bring my own technology. And I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post much here because the past few days have been hectic!

meh. this looked crazy, so I walked.

meh. this looked crazy, so I walked.

Everything Must Go!

Gitmo: Everything Must Go!

Obamania, gone awry.

Obamania, gone awry.







And finally, Morgan, among others has asked for my take on the Barack/Peter Parker team-up for the new Spiderman issue. Honestly, its a great idea in my book (Marvel is not new to real world politics and politicians), but I’ll have to wait till I can get my hands on a copy and report thereafter.

till then,
Esteban Sunshine Superboy

mutant powers for good you can believe in

mutant powers for good you can believe in