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Inaugs. Whu-What??!
I’m sorry but this photo is just too badass.

Anyway, so the inaugs: I was all up in it. Shit was cold. If you have a short attention span you can watch a two minute version here. My new friend Drew took some photos and liveblogged here. As for me, I was back by the washington phallicstack/ obilisk among the millions. inauguration-liveblog-washi1 I’m sharing some of the photos with you below, cuz I didn’t bring my own technology. And I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post much here because the past few days have been hectic!

meh. this looked crazy, so I walked.

meh. this looked crazy, so I walked.

Everything Must Go!

Gitmo: Everything Must Go!

Obamania, gone awry.

Obamania, gone awry.







And finally, Morgan, among others has asked for my take on the Barack/Peter Parker team-up for the new Spiderman issue. Honestly, its a great idea in my book (Marvel is not new to real world politics and politicians), but I’ll have to wait till I can get my hands on a copy and report thereafter.

till then,
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mutant powers for good you can believe in

mutant powers for good you can believe in


My Rocket to the Moon, My Battlestar to the Inauguration

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Baracket Man
With the inaugs just around the corner, its hard not to be gearing up for a national freakout on Tuesday. I myself have found it irresistable to venture a roadtrip to the federal district if only to witness the euphoric clusterfrak up close. That, and I wouldn’t mind checking out the netroots party (so long as I can find somebody to sponsor me) seeing as it may be my only chance to flirt with prescient number geek Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight. We’ll leave the humdrum world of politics (earthly ones at least… Laura Roslin still awaits), in just a moment, but I just had to share this nugget of ridiculocity. That is, Oklahoma Senator Colburn lost a college football bet, and is apparently going to therefore sing “Rocket Man” (in his underwear at the top of his lungs??!) to pay it off:

Republican Sen. Tom Coburn is slated to serenade Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida with his very own rendition of Elton John’s 1970s classic Wednesday afternoon. Coburn owes Nelson because the Florida Gators defeated the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14 in last week’s BCS title game. Nelson chose “Rocket Man” because he is a former astronaut who flew on the space shuttle Columbia in the 1980s. If Oklahoma had won, Nelson would have had to sing the title song from the musical “Oklahoma!” It also happens to be the official state song.

I think that story speaks for itself…. Why do people even report on this stuff?

Update. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can torture yourself:

Okay, so I promised more maps, so courtesy of dreamy mathgeek Nate, if you give a frak about your new congress hereitis:


the little numbers represent the respective Congressional Districts in each state.

There are, obviously, a couple of different trade-offs at play here. On the one hand, you’d like the the shape of each “state” to bear some resemblence to its real-life counterpart. On the other hand, you want the states that share borders in real life to also share borders in the cartogram. And furthermore, it would be nice to have the Congressional Districts within each state in some sort of reasonably representative geography — which isn’t easy in a state like New York where three-quarters of the districts are in New York City and its immediate suburbs.

Accomplishing all of those things with one cartogram is, I’ve determined, probably impossible; the example I’ve provided cheats by creating a sort of warp zone between Minnesota/Iowa and North/South Dakota. Still, I think it gets the job done by and large.

I don’t have enough cartograms in my life, so consider it a job well done, bud.

Weaver’s Way
Seeing as I’ve managed to get more than a few of you enamored with the unflappable 10-year-old 5th grader come journalist, Damon Weaver, I feel obliged to keep you updated on the sitch, and share in my frabjous zeal.
For those of you waiting, with bated-breath and all, to find out if he’ll land that interview with Obama (not Michelle, the other one), he’s just moved one step closer. Apparently Rahm, or whomever behind the scene of the hallowed transition committee, has granted Damon an inaugural press credential. They say a kid can dream, Weaver, but you’ve got the whole frakking world rooting for you!

Galactica Countdown!
Holy Frak! While all the normies are counting down till the inaugs, I’m like losing my mind waiting for the (bittersweet) conclusion of BSG. Are you like totally done waiting for the rest of Season 4 or what?! (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, its time for you to skip ahead in the blog, cuz its gonna get a tad geeky in here). In fact, just to provide some context for Battlestar geekage, I love the show, but I’m not THIS crazy. Behold a BSG pimped out PC:

Can we say “Galactica ACTUAL”?!

Finally, on Friday we get to see what happens when the ship jumped away with President Laura Roslin onboard (with a cuckoobananas hybrid no less), and the whole saga with Hera, and maybe Starbuck is done losing her mind?, and for the love of Kobol would they just tell us who the final cylon is already?! Here’s an embedded treat to refresh some of your memory and get a peek at whats to come:

So Say We All!!!!

Esteban Sunshine Superboy