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BART Transit Dragon of Doom!

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This Public Transit Dragon is Hella Mad!

Its no secret that I’m kind of a fanatic for metros and subway maps. My friend Dave Alee always saw something different in the olde Bay Area Rapid Transit map, (which comes as no surprise, cuz honestly, that kid is a genius). Anyways, ever since Alee teamed up with my pal David to create this harbinger of fire, fare hikes, and transfers-that-rarely-make-sense, I have never looked at the BART map the way I used to. Behold its glory:

Most trains used to only go to Colma, just South of San Francisco, but now with the flaming tongue of BARTOR, you can get all the way to SFO (thats “Sarancisco” International Airport) or Milbrae on the southern most tip of BART. Fremont and Dublin/ Pleasanton for the legs, feet & vainglorious tail, and the majestic wingspan branches out beyond MacArthur BART in Oakland to Richmond in the North (past Berkeley), and Pittsburg/ Bay Point in the North East of the bay.

The original Bay Area Rapid Transit map is below, for purposes of comparison.

If you live in the Bay (or just find yourself visiting), I hope the specter of Bartor the Transitator‘s image serves for some personal bemusement as you wait out the sometimes interminable interval between BART trains. Hell, you can strike up a conversation with a friendly fellow commuter and impress them with your inner knowledge of the public transit occult.

Up up and Away,
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Portugal, Man, Portugal

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Lisboa 001

Streetcars, Museums, and Big Red Suspension Bridges? But, Honey, we’re not in Sarancisco anymore!


In a massive effort to help San Francisco get over itself, Lisboa has surreptitiously nudged the Bay city out of its complete monopoly of quaint, charismatic iconography. Lisboa 009 Following up on its perception as that country where people speak “almost Spanish,” Lisbon is spearheading the Portuguese project to solidify a stable second place, as an “almost San Francisco”.

By the time you read this, I will already have packed my bags to fly to Lisbon, Portugal,

no seriously, this is NOT the golden gate bridge. Its the Ponte 25 de Abril

no seriously, this is NOT the golden gate bridge. Its the Ponte 25 de Abril

where I will be for a few days before heading on a secret anthropological mission (its more fun when we put it that way) to the Cape of Africa. If you missed my earlier post mapping the portuguese speaking world– from Iberia itself to Brazil, litoral Africa and here and there throughout Asia, you should click on this orange part, cuz its actually a really nice map.

Gearing up for a journey to the old colonial metropole is plenty justification to hit you up with, ya know more maps.

so. Lets get some perspective of the lay of the land

and now we can zoom in to the centro

in case you missed my post about my love for metrô systems (and maps thereof), you can go check that out, and consider this an update with more contemporary relevance. In fact, you may as well check out all those orange links. It may be a few days before I can get back to the bloggies.


Great. So, that thing I was saying about packing for six weeks on the road? I’ma go do that now. Enjoy Portugal, the Man (a band from Alaska, of all foggy far off places). Thusly, portugal the band:

Boa Viagem!

The World is Yrs,
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People who pronounce the “eff” are either latinos saying Francisco rather accurately, or they’re just gringos who are not from here.

I’m gonna go catch a plane, but check this out:


The world is Yrs,
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