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“Back to Skool” Map-Fest: Art and Embroidery

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First of all- Huzzah for this, the One-hundred and Fiftieth post!!!

Today’s Back to Skool Map-fest subject is Art!!

Collage and Embroidery:
antarctica collage embroidered antarctica THERE IS A PLACE WHERE IT NEVER GETS HOT- head south until you can’t anymore.

earnest emotional art O_o
watercolor map

Mass produced art! Globes for all!
globe production

Actually interesting:
potato map
A fictional location in Ireland from Marilyn Murphy who says:

“This is somewhat of a self portrait. When my grandparents immigrated to the United States from Ireland, the term ‘murphies’ was slang for potatoes, a common Irish name as well as a staple in the immigrants diet. If I had ancestors who were artists, I like to imagine that perhaps they worked on the creation of Celtic illuminated manuscripts. In this drawing, I laid out an imaginary neighborhood inspired by images in the Book of Durrow. I have also included my home state of Oklahoma in the upper right hand corner.”

Check out more of Marilyn’s work on her website

photo map on back

Fernanda created this image by printing a map of São Paulo onto a photo of someone’s back. The map reads as a tattoo on the body addressing the importance of where people position themselves within their environment.

Totally Awesome!

Pier Gustafson describes his work:

A massive pile of overlapping books. The four open atlases display maps describing the four areas – each in a different way. The charming and exotic town names of North Carolina, the tangled highways of the Twin Cities (the key showing roads under construction, snow emergency routes and the ways to drive to ‘the cabin’). The zoomed in map of Oxford College, the zoomed out map of the Hub of the Universe.

Thanks for sharing, thanks for following, nice to have you back around…

Sunshine Superkid

don’t forget, we’re doing a subject/map a day for a full week!