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New York City, a “Little” League of Nations

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This crafty map portrays the home of the United Nations as a veritable “league of nations”, with pockets of diverse peoples splayed across New York’s five boroughs.

as always, click the map to zoom in. (this map has a double zoom, which is key to enjoying its awesomeness!)
"new york ethnic majorities"

As traditional ethnic neighborhoods like “Chinatown” and “Little Italy” divide and multiply, New York City in the 21st century has been a boon of a greater multi-ethnic populace- indeed, ethnic majority zipcodes, a hallmark of American Urbanism, give us a new sense of New York as a City of Nations.

This little ethno-graph maps these demographics, while poking fun at the iconographic architecture of many peoples’ countries of origin.

What would Woodrow Wilson think of this global mixing in everyday life?

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